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Featured:  Why Amazon Bought Whole Foods

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“Amazon has become the Wal-Mart of the internet.”

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Remember when your town had a number of small businesses selling a variety of items, then Wal-mart came and put everything in one place.  Everything was awesome and everyone was happy right?

Amazon is doing the same thing, but the effect is not seen because many effected had stores online.  Now with Wholefoods and Amazon Prime Wardrobe, the effect will be noticeable.

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Our goal is for you to grow your own business on your own website.  One site where you can sell your product  for significantly less is Shopify:


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Shopify allows you to start your web store using a FREE trial.  Many people have created their store in under an hour and turned that into a career! what do you have to lose?


The e-commerce world is changing at a rapid rate.  It is impossible to keep up with everything going on in this world because most of us do not have armies of hired workers paid to do it for us.  If you are the single website business owner trying to grow your sales, but you don’t have as much time as you would like to devote to it, then this is a place where you can start.


I work with small businesses everyday, so I am experienced in helping people tweak their website for more visibility.  It is important to remember in all of this to keep it simple.  Growing a business is more than just getting a good page rank on google.

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We offer business consulting and web design services as well.  Let us know what we can to do help you out!

Big Commerce


Big Commerce is an alternative to Shopify, they also offer a free trial so you can get your store going in less than an hour!  Try both to see which one you like best.

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