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I work with small businesses on a daily basis.  One complaint I have heard over and over again is how over bearing Amazon is.  I decided to create this blog to help people in this situation.  Subscribe to this page to receive updates from us.

Shut up and Take my money!

escape amazon

Many times people don’t have their own website up and running because they are under the impression that it is too hard to build a site.  Building a website now is easier than it has ever been for under $100, you could have a functioning website up and running.  That is the easy part.

If you don’t have your site up and running just yet, check out Shopify in order to get started:



Running a business is difficult.  Though it is easier now than it has ever been, many people are running online e-commerce stores by themselves or with a few employees.  There are so many things that have to be learned for the business to be successful.  The things learned today may change in a year or two years.

Many take an easier way out by leaving their fulfillment to Amazon.  Amazon then takes 20% of their revenue for this.  I say use Amazon for revenue but work on your own site while you are building revenue through Amazon.  This will allow you to make money, then at some point you will be able to move your business away from Amazon.

On this site I talk about ways to do this.  Because there are many different things to know, I post on different topics.  I hope you find the content useful.  Contact me at Info@escapeamazon.com if you have any questions.


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