Walmart of the Internet

 Walmart of the Internet

we started this blog approximately five months ago.  The purpose of this blog is to help small businesses grow their online presence.  Many retailers are now waking up to the fact that Amazon is trying to take over the world.  This is obviously bad for retailers, but Amazon is now down 8% from their high in terms of stock price.  They harness the power of the internet to put companies out of business.  They are becoming less efficient as well.

I have personally had two orders in the last week miss their commitment time from Amazon as well.  One was on a next day shipment, and the second was on a prime shipment.    Amazon is not making any profits according to their last earnings statement released.

Walmart’s new app

Wal-mart has it’s own scan and go app now.  This app allows you to scan items in the store and pay for them on the app without waiting in line.  An attendant checks your receipt on the way out.  This is great news.  The one thing I dislike about Wal-mart is the fact they have 25 check out lines and one checker.  With this app they can have the one checker verifying receipts at a 1/10 of the time.

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Amazon’s private label

Another warning we wanted to get out to the public is Amazon’s private label brands.  When we started this blog the Amazon brand wasn’t widely known, but we have always maintained that Amazon manages your inventory if you are a FBA seller.  If they see your product selling well, then what stops them from copying it?  It turns out they have been doing this a lot with clothing.

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Amazon Prime Wardrobe

Amazon Prime Wardrobe is in beta phase currently, but whose clothes do you think they will push when it rolls out?  They have Amazon private brands for men, women and kids now.  This will be a huge detriment to all retailers.  I feel like this should push them over the edge in terms of being a monopoly especially in the retail clothing space.  Over 50% of people shopping on the internet go directly to Amazon.  It is projected that over half of American house holds will be prime members by the end of the year.  This will make all of those households eligible to use Amazon Prime Wardrobe.

Don’t forget that they are also pushing for people on Welfare to sign up at a lesser rate, so they can eventually get the money of the needy by siphoning it out of the welfare system when they buy whole foods.

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We will push on

We will continue to keep you informed about what Amazon is doing online, and how they are trying to put people out of business.  They are bigger threat than Wal-mart ever was because of the sheer size and scope of what they are accomplishing.  Keep in mind that they have not yet made a profit, so they are doing this all on borrowed funds from investors.

The small business cannot raise the capital that Amazon raises.  It shouldn’t be a choice between selling on Amazon or not selling at all.  This is essentially the e-commerce environment Amazon has created.

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