More on the Belt and Road

More on the belt and road

The Belt and Road initiative we discussed in our last post detailed the basics of the initiative.  The important thing to remember is that growth for these countries can be great for your business.  It looks like there are 68 countries involved so far.  If China is able to accomplish this goal, the world will be more connected.  The incomes of the people within these countries will rise even more.

This means that there will be more money world wide and more spending world wide was well.  As a business owner you may want to research the companies involved to see how you can do business within these countries.  There will be a lot of contract work for years to come with this project.

More Globalization

The populism movement is taking hold in the west while globalization is taking hold in the east.  It is clear that there will be a net benefit for every country involved.

Businesses within the USA will want to learn the customs and cultures of these countries so that when the time comes, you will be ready to sell your product to the citizens of these countries.

They will be connected to the internet soon.  Find out what market places will be selling to these countries, or create your own if one does not exist.

Limitless Opportunities

The opportunities will be numerous.  If you want to take advantage of what is to come, you need to start your research now.  Chinese businesses will likely move in and become major partners with these countries, but do not rule out the fact that some of these countries will also want American made goods.

Find out how to get your product on sites like Ali Express and other Chinese market places.  It is likely that these sites will be the main e-commerce portals for the countries being developed.

This will be the way that smaller businesses within the USA will be able to take part in the Belt and Road initiative.


This will be the last post on the Belt and Road.  I don’t have much more to add at this time.  Here is a link to the first post: Belt and Road



The Belt and Road Initiative

What is the Belt and Road Initiative?

Over the weekend the President of China Xi Jinping held a forum of 28 state leaders to discuss the massive infrastructure plan.  The plan is to rebuild the old silk road that would link China to Europe.  China plans to spend $150 billion dollars a year to accomplish this goal. This Belt and Road project will be massive.

Here is a map illustrating the project:

china belt and road map





The project will be a massive undertaking for the Chinese government.  Thus far, a major hurdle has been funding.  Public funding is being raised by the Chinese government which I assume a majority of the project’s monetary investment will come from.

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Transparency in the project will be key.  Over 68 countries have signed on to take part in the project, but it is unclear what that means exactly.  It is unclear how the money raised will be spend.  The control of the money will be a big point of interest.  China is taking major steps to grow its export market.  A project like this can improve the lives of millions of people if implemented properly.  There will be issues with terrorism and other things like that.

This is similar to the Marshall Plan that connected Europe to the United States.  The states involved will be linked with China for decades to come.  The United States may be left out as a country, but as a business person you can still use the projects to make money.


The project is looking for contractors to help out.  There are a lot of resources and information on the project at This Link

The link mentioned above is where I found the map on the project.  The growth in China has been slowing over the last several years, so this project is likely meant to speed up their export growth which will also help the world economy.  This will give many countries access to capital they never had before, so I believe this project will be great for the world’s businesses.

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Changing times

This post was not necessarily for the small business person because it will be difficult for smaller companies in America to become apart of the growth this project will provide.  We need to be aware of what is happening in the world because this project will likely be conducted in Chinese currency, and the countries involved will need to adapt to a Chinese based exchange rate.  This will lead to the Chinese currency to strengthen over time.  The imports from China will increase in cost causing most goods in America to increase in price as well.

Pay attention to things like Bitcoin which is gaining in value.  Are you accepting Bitcoin on your website?  If you aren’t then you are missing an opportunity to take a payment.  Generally the Bitcoin payment processors are less expensive than credit card processors.

target market

More to come

I will be posting more about the forum throughout the week to see what new revelations have come out about the forum, and how you can make money with the belt and road initiative.

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