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Ebay Examples for you

Ebay Examples for you

In this post, we will highlight more examples of items that can be sold on your Big Commerce website and Ebay.  We are writing about this today to eliminate the excuses in your mind that this doesn’t work.  If I can show you examples of how it does work, then what reasoning do you have to not try it yourself?

Many read the post I did on selling items on E-bay from in a negative manner thinking that this is a one off example.  Today, I will show you that this is very common.

Deals On Ebay!

Women’s hair

One category I found to be particularly profitable was the women’s hair category on Ebay.  This is a picture of a product listed on


So, we see that this is for sale on Ali Express for $15.38 a lot which the title indicates 5 packs in a lot.  This means that the product individually is $3.08 per piece.

On Ebay, we see the same product for sale here:

senegal hair ebay


On Ebay this product is obviously listed at $51.26, but this is for 6.  Therefore, the total per piece on the Ebay listing is $8.54.  The gross revenue made is over 250% on the Ebay sale.  Selling a few of these a month can fund your Big Commerce store.



The next example I will give is in electronics.  The first listing is off of  This is a Bluetooth speaker:


This is selling on Aliexpress for as much as $22.39.  Notice on the listing under the price they do offer bulk pricing as well.  This item is being shipped from the USA, so you do not have to wait 30-40 days to get your order for this product.

On Ebay, we can find this same exact product.  I have posted a picture of the Ebay listing for this product:




On the Ebay listing for the same product they are pricing it at $34.86 cents.  You can make $12 in gross revenue on just the base price from Aliexpress to Ebay. 

 Deals on Ebay!

Use with other products

If you have an electronics website or a site that sells women’s hair products, then these examples might be something you want to use on your Big Commerce store.  If not, then try and find other examples on Ali Express that apply to the business you are in. 

You may already have a core product that you are trying to sell on your own website, use examples like these to get sales and drive traffic to your personal website.  Regardless of the business you are in there are examples on Ali Express or sites like Ali Express for you to take advantage of.

Get Started

You can build a Big Commerce site around items you find on Ali Express that you want to sell on Ebay for a profit.  As I mentioned in the first post on this topic, it is better to target a certain industry when building your website.  There are many examples of websites that sell a wide variety of items who are successful however.

Really, the key is to get started.  It is easy to do nothing.  If you are complaining about your boss or your job or not having enough money, then I have given you a way to get started on changing your situation.

samall business

It really is easy enough to get set up on Big Commerce where you can be online selling products within an hour.  You get a free trial!  They offer a low cost solution to building your own website for people who do not know how to code.  The days of needing to know how to code to build a website are gone.  Anyone with the desire to have a website can have one.  It takes time and effort but we can say some of the limiting factors from the past are now removed.

What are you going to do?

Finally, I ask after all of that, what are you going to do?  Let me know if you have any questions on any of this information.  Leave a comment, so I can interact with you directly!

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Going International with Ebay

Going International with Ebay

listing your item on Ebay with the global shipping program opens your listings to all of the countries that Ebay operates in.  In this post we will discuss how to use the program when you list an item on Ebay.

This program simplifies the international shipping process for you.  When an item sells internationally through the Global Shipping program, you ship your item to a central location within the United States.  From there, Ebay will ship it to the destination countries and handle the documents required for international shipping.  This eliminates some of the perceived headaches of international shipping for most people.

Deals On Ebay!


The item you are selling must be listed on and located within the United States.  Paypal must be an accepted method of payment.  There are international restrictions depending on the country you want to go to as well.  The final sale price cannot exceed certain amounts to certain countries.  Here is more information related to these restrictions:

Ebay Global shipping program

You can also create your own shipping exclusions within Ebay.  This will allow you to limit where you ship to.  If you do not want to ship to certain states or countries, then you can modify this within Ebay.

These are the countries that are eligible for the Global Shipping program:

Global Ship Program ebay

Sellers are protected

Any negative feedback that happens due to the Global Shipping Program on ebay will be removed.  Negative stars received because of Shipping time will not count against your rating.  Ebay takes care of the lost or damaged items that are sent using this program as well.

These are some of the main headaches people experience when dealing with international buyers.  Fraud is also a big issue when dealing with certain countries, but Ebay has eliminated this concern for you as well with their guarantees.  With the countries listed above, you are opening your potential customer base to hundreds of millions of customers that you did not have access to before.

Here are more details on this program:

Global Shipping Program Full Details

Why not?

When you are listing your items on Ebay, why not use this program?  Ebay has taken most of the work out of international shipping with this service.  Be prepared to pay more in fees to use this, but you are opening your market up.  When you have an international shipment, use the engagement techniques we often talk about in this blog to keep people ordering from outside of the United States as well.

There isn’t a lot of this post, but I hope this will help grow your business.


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Shipping ON ebay

What can you Sell?

What Can you Sell?

When I tell people they can create their own website within an hours, the first question is inevitably what can I sell?  They also say they have nothing to sell.  The answer is what can’t you sell?  The last few posts have been dedicated to Big Commerce and selling on E-bay.  With these two sites you have the ability to reach hundreds of millions of people.

Deals On Ebay

In this post, I will show you how can find products to sell.  Because this small business blog has been dedicated to helping you grow your business, we wanted to show you how to start a business as well.

Starting your Small Business

One place you can go to find products to sell is Ali Express.  The URL is Ali Express.  Using  simple search for phone cases I found these:

Iphone Marvel cases

here we see that these phone cases are on sale for $.89-$1.31 each.  When ordering these, you must note that the shipping time does take up to 40 days.  It has been my experience that they generally arrive within 2-3 weeks.  They offer a variety of different phone types.  Keep in mind that this is just one product offering on Ali Express.

Deals On Ebay


Doing the same search on Ebay I found this:


On E-bay this same phone case sells for $7-$12.50.  It is a best seller and top rated, so you know that it is selling.  With the free shipping included, this seller will make approximately $4-5 per sale.  You can set up a listing on Big Commerce and have this same listing on E-bay within minutes.  If you can sell ten of these a month you will make a profit on your Big Commerce store. No Big Commerce Store?  Start one today, Free Trial:

samall business

Choosing Items

When you choose items you think might sell, check to see how many others are selling the same product on E-bay or somewhere else online.  If you were to copy my example, you might run into problems with DC Comics.  Obviously someone else is already doing this, so you can see how much time they take to stop things like this from happening.  Just be aware that if your product has some sort of trade mark tied to it that you do not own, then you can be asked to quit selling it at any moment.

Ali Express is not even the only site that does this.  You can check out for more ideas as well.

Choose a category

When you start a website to sell things online, pick a domain that is memorable and repeatable.  If you wanted to sell only phone cases, then a website named would be easy to remember and repeatable.  This name also allows you to expand beyond phone cases if you ever wanted to in the future.  Stick with the category you start with on your website.  Don’t sell phone cases and purses and hair extensions all on the same site for example.  If you did this then it would be hard to pick a domain name that tells what you sell.


Now you know how to get started and where to find something to sell.  The next step for you to do is actually get started.  What excuse do you have now not to go make money for yourself?  If you have a full time job, then you can spend 1-2 hours a day on this after work to have your site up and running in less than 3 days.  If you are diligent in your approach, then you may be able to quit your full time job.

The last piece of advice on this post I want to offer is to choose something that you actually care about.  Don’t sell hair extensions if you are a forty year old man that knows nothing of hair extensions.  There are millions of products to sell out there, you just need to choose one to get started.  If you don’t care about it, then you are unlikely to put the effort required to succeed into turning that one product into a business.

Have Fun and Try New Things

Try different ways to sell your products, have fun with it.  You are also learning a skill when you create a website.  It is a skill that most people will not take the time to learn themselves.  This makes you marketable beyond your current skill set.  You may find that this is all you ever want to do for the rest of your life.

THANK YOU for reading.

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Deals On Ebay!

Shipping ON ebay

Shipping Items on Ebay

Shipping Items on Ebay

Last Post we discussed how to sell items on Ebay.  Now that you have your first sale, it is time to ship the product out.  This post will be about the different ways you can ship your product after getting that sale on E-bay.  There are many shipping options you can use when selling on E-bay.  Shipping can be a headache for sellers if you don’t know what you are doing.  This can be a place where you lose money if you don’t price the shipping right.

The Options

Deals on Ebay!

Here are the options you have when shipping on Ebay

shipping on ebay

Here you can set up a flat cost for shipping the item.  If you do this, then the farther a buyer away is from you, the more it will cost you as the seller.  For example, if you are located in Kansas then a buyer in Kansas will cost less to ship to then a buyer in California.

Trending on Ebay Now!

Keep this in mind if you are setting a flat cost to be convenient.

The Carrier calculated option can show you rates based on a buyers location.  This example of UPS shipping options on EBay shows this:

Ebay Shipping UPS


These are published rates with UPS.  Ebay doesn’t allow you to enter your UPS or Fed-Ex account to calculate carrier based rates.  The other option EBAY gives you when displaying shipping rates is a standard discount off the published rates.  These are rates that Ebay shippers generally get when signing up for a UPS account through Ebay.

You may be able to get better incentives if you reach out to UPS directly.  Each account is assigned a representative that might be able to offer better incentives based on the volume you anticipate shipping.  You will not be able to display these rates on Ebay however.  Email UPS Here to find out who your account representative is.

Ebay discounts

Shipping Options on Ebay

The picture above shows an example of the discounted rates you will see when using the E-bay if you choose the carrier calculated rates discounted option.

For further customization you can add rate tables to offer your buyers different levels of service.  You set these at a flat rate option.  You can offer a price for 1 day, 2 day and ground for example.  These will all be flat rates.  Some buyers prefer to have different shipping options when making a purchase.

Shopify Free trial

You can also have the buyer meet you somewhere for local pick up.  This is only recommended if you also have a retail location.  Make sure the place you are meeting the buyer is safe if you do not own a store front.

Printing the Label

With Fed-ex and USPS you can print your label directly from Ebay.  If you use UPS as your carrier, you can import your orders using UPS Marketplace.


Here you would link your Ebay store up with your log in.  You click the Get New Orders button to import everything into Market Place.  In the new UPS site the Marketplace is found under the shipping tab on the home page.  You will not have to enter any of the customer data manually.  This will allow you to process multiple orders faster.

Sure Post

Many people ask me “what is sure post?”  Sure Post is a service that UPS offers.  UPS delivers Sure Post packages to your nearest post office.  The Post Office will then deliver the package to you.  It keeps your package out of the hands of the Post Office, and it allows you to add revenue to your UPS account.   Using this service eliminates some of the costly UPS fees such as residential surcharge and delivery area surcharge.  To use Surepost contact UPS to have them explain more if you are not on this service.


Thanks for Reading

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sell on ebay

How do I sell Items on Ebay?

How do I sell on Ebay?

I have been getting questions recently on how to set up an Ebay store.  Ebay works based on reputation and volume.  The more you sell on Ebay, the more you are able to sell.  They have a robust feedback system that holds sellers accountable as well.

Great E-bay Deals

Click the link below to register with Ebay:


Getting Started

You will first want to register your account to begin selling.  Once you are registered, you are ready to begin selling on Ebay.  You then need to click the sell link at the top right of the page.

how do I sell on ebay

Once you click sell, you are taken to a page that allows you to enter the information on the product you are selling.  The good thing about e-bay is there are many templates set up for you already.  If you are selling something that is a popular item, or that someone else has sold in the past, then there may be a template set up for you already.

how do I sell on ebay

Creating the listing

For this example I chose the XBOX one controller as an example.  This is a template that is already set up within Ebay.  You can create your own templates within ebay as well if you have an item you will sell repeatedly.

how do I sell on ebay


With this listing you can customize it to make it stand out within the search.  You have the ability to write the description of the item yourself as well.  SEO matters when writing description, so doing keyword research will impact how many people see your listing.  Check out the SEO category to the right for more information.

Next you will want to add pictures:

sell on ebay


For the template items there are many stock photos.  You can also add your own photos.  With Ebay you can even add photos from the web if you know the URL where your photo is located.

Setting the Price

The next step will be to set your price.  Many people now use the buy it now option exclusively instead of the auction format.  If you are going to sell something specific, then you should set the price at a certain level.  You can continue to relist an item without being charged if it doesn’t sell.


You can also determine how you would like to be paid on this item.  Also you can accept credit cards and paypal as well.  They don’t have Bitcoin as an option just yet!   Now it is time to look at the shipping options.

Ebay ShippingHere you can set up how you want to ship.  You can also sell internationally if you want by using the Ebay global shipping program.  You can choose what carrier you want to use.  UPS, Fed-Ex and USPS are all available.  If you ship with UPS you can import your orders into using the new UPS marketplace feature.

Once you have filled out this information then you are ready to list the item!

Ebay over Amazon

I prefer Ebay over Amazon because Ebay is not pushing their brand over yours.  Amazon has branded items which they promote and keep more profit on when sold.  Let me know your thoughts below.  Have a great day and thanks for reading!

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