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Facebook Advertising

If you have a page on Facebook, but you haven’t explored advertising directly on Facebook I suggest visiting this link for more on Facebook Advertising:

Facebook Advertising

This is a link that will take you directly to set up an ad or set up a page on Facebook.  You should at least have a page for your business on Facebook even if you do not intend to pay for advertising.  From your Facebook page, you can also create a Facebook store to sell your items directly through Facebook.  Facebook has over 2 billion users who are active on a monthly basis.  This is obviously an enormous audience outside of Amazon.

Build a Following

If you can build a following to your business page through Facebook then you have greater access to these users.  Over 50% of shoppers are now going directly to Amazon when they want to make a purchase.   2 billion people checking their Facebook page on a monthly basis does not mean these people are looking to buy something when they log in.

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In fact, 90% of the time they are probably just bored or want to see what their friends have been doing since the last time they checked 5 minutes ago.  This is a good chance for you to market your business in an interesting way.

This is why purchasing ads on Facebook can be an effective way to advertise to people.  Because you can break down the ads to target a specific group, you are able to reach out to your target customer directly.  This was discussed in previous posts within the Facebook category.  Also click these links for more information:

Advertising on Facebook

Who are you Selling?

Same Product, Different Strategy

If your product has more than one use, then you can write ads for each use.  For example, if you are selling a pocket knife that has multiple tools attached to it or Gerber, then you can sell this to a survivalist as an essential tool for survival.  The hunter needs one of these for various reasons.  The mechanic might need one for quick fix situations that only require a screwdriver or small blade.  I wrote out the full definition in front of Gerber because not everyone knows what a Gerber is.

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Personally, I didn’t know a Gerber was called a Gerber until I joined the Army.  If you are selling something that has a term to fully describe it, then do not assume that everyone in the world knows what that term is referring to.

This is important to remember when writing your ad copy as well.

Writing three different ads for three different markets will allow you to test the different strategies.  The most effective group is the one you should pay the most attention to.  If the survivalist are interested in the gerber for example, then set up a page dedicated to the survivalist on your web page.  Write compelling advertisements and product descriptions for that group.

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Check and Test

Facebook will give you the stats on each ad you create.  It is very easy to tell what is working.  Set limits to your daily spending.  For as little as $5 a day you can run an ad.  Do not continue to run ads that aren’t working.  Wasting money marketing to groups that aren’t buying can also be detrimental as well.

Small Business Blog

in this small business blog our goal is to help you grow your business.  We want you to be successful, and we are motivated by your success.  Over the next few days we will be setting up our own Facebook page and begin advertisements.  We will update you on our success with our own ads.  This will give us greater insights into this subject.  Subscribe to receive updates on this in the coming days.

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Always Be Testing

Always be Testing

When it comes to marketing there is the old phrase that relates to everything “always be testing.”  You need to test what you are doing to increase visibility.  If your goal is to get more orders, then what are you trying to get more orders?

Once you establish a strategy, you need to test out the strategy to see if it is working.  If you are using certain keywords to gain a better google rank, then you can easily test this using various SEO tools.  Many of the SEO tools are free with a premium option available.

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Google allows you to test your strategy out for free as well by simply checking each week.  You can check the keywords you have chosen using the Google webmaster tools.  In the end continuous testing is important to succeed

Try Different Things

You need to come up with several different strategies and test them out.  This is important especially with the Holiday season coming up.  This winter people will be looking to spend Billions of dollars online.  Test your strategies now to find out what works.

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Your product pages, description and overall content need to match your strategy.  What are you trying to sell?  If you can imagine a perfect customer what would that look like?  How can you write content tailored for that person?

Questions like these are good starting points to help develop a strategy.  Once you have a customer engaged you should be getting information from them through follow up.  Amazon does this a lot now where the store owners will follow up with you to find out how you liked their product.

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This is great because if you get a response, then you have a customer engaged.  Once they are engaged with you it is important to extract as much information as possible.

What to ask your customer?

The information you extract from existing customers can be very important.  Ask them why they bought your product.  What did they like about your product?  Why did they choose your product?  Is there anything that they like to buy with your product? 

If they found you on a site like Amazon, then you should let them know about your web store you have available.  Customers feel a part of a business that operates like this.  If you can do this effectively you will create multiple advocates for your company.  Offer them incentives for giving you information and referrals.

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You can create a referral site for people to send their friends with special referral pricing.  This helps increase engagement as well.

Short and Sweet

This was a short post in today’s Small Business Blog.  This week I will have more time to go in depth on the Facebook ad strategy that can compliment this post.  As a business blog we sometimes struggle with content.  If there is anything you want to know about in particular let us know.

Small Business Blog

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Building your Ad

Building your Ad

Before you build your Facebook ad, one important thing to know is your buyer.  Do you know have buyer personas laid out.  People buy things for very different reason and even though two different people buy the same product, they buy for different reasons.  Think about these things when building your ad:

The Buyer persona helps you work through reasons people are buying your product.  Your call to action should be centered around the buyer persona you are targeting.

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Buyer persona examples

There are many factors that go into a buyer persona like Age, Gender, Demographics, income level, interests and more.  A good way to build a buyer persona is to research people who have bought your product in the past.  If you find a large majority of your buyers are male, then it is wise to target your ad toward the male audience to begin with.

If Males and Females are buying your products equally then you need to drill down to age and find out what causes each gender to buy your product.  Surveys are good for this because if you can get a response, then you gain valuable insight from a customer that you can use when creating an ad.

Male Persona

an Example of a male persona would be:


Gender:  Male

Age:         27

Income:  $30,000-$45,000

interests:  Sports, Video Games, Entrepreneurial ventures

Wants:    to save time, make more money and travel more

Hates:       Time wasting, people who talk too much,  traffic

When you market to someone like Mike, what are you going to focus on?  Why does Mike want to buy your product?  How do you write a Call to Action that will get Mike’s attention?

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These are the things you need to be thinking about when building a Buyer’s persona.  You also need to be incorporating this information into your ads on Facebook.

samall business

Female Persona


Gender:  Female

Age:         32

Income:  $75,000-$100,000

interests:  Fine Dining, nice wine, and exotic vacations

Wants:    Travel more, time off, expand education

Hates:       Dull Conversations and  wasting the day away

So, the focus on Mary will be different than what you focus on when marketing to Mary.

Think about these things when building an advertisement or writing a product description.


Let me know if you have any questions.


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Advertising on Facebook

Advertising on Facebook

When you start advertising on Facebook you need to have goals in mind before you begin.  Facebook helps recommend ad types based on what you are looking for.  If you want more likes, that is a different ad then gaining clicks to your website for example.  The purpose of getting likes through ads is to increase engagement.  

Facebook Ads

Getting likes will appear on the feeds of those who like your page.  This is great because you may get a like from someone who has a lot of friends.  This is better than buying fake followers online which people make the mistake of doing at the beginning.

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When you buy followers you appear popular, but the point is to actually be popular online to increase engagement.  If all of your followers are fake, then their friends are likely fake or made up as well, so having these people like your page will do nothing for you.

Call To Action

the most important part of your ad is going to be the call to action.  What is your ad telling your potential customer to do?  The Call to action can vary based on the product you are trying to sell.  If you are selling clothing for example, your call to action might be “check out our new shirts for the upcoming school year”  

This is telling the buyer that you have new products that might help them stand out.  It is Targeting people who are in school.  This is an ad you would want to run in July if you are selling clothes online that students can wear to school.

samall business

Customize your Headline

Doing automatic setup on Facebook ads leaves the title the same as your page title.  Instead customize this with a clear call to action that applies to your product, and the item you are trying to sell.


Use images that stand out and invoke curiosity.  These will need to change and be relevant to your product as well.  Ads with images increase engagement.   Make sure your images meet the Facebook specs.  I believe they recommend a 1200 x 600 sized image.  

Audience Meter

Pay attention to the audience meter.  Make sure your in the green.  This means your focusing on a certain number of people.  You can narrow it by age, gender and other categories.  Think about your target audience and use that as criteria to build your audience.

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Facebook Audience

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As the week goes I will be talking more in depth about Facebook ads.  Keep reading for more information.  Subscribe to the right to keep updated.  This small business blog is dedicated to your success.  Do you know of any other business blog that cares about you this much?


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