Micro Moments – Summing it up

Summing up Micro Moments

In this last post on Google’s Micro Moments study which again can be found here:  Google Micro Moments.  I want to end this series by summing up some of the things we have learned.  The four key micro moments discussed are I-want-to-Know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-do, and I-want-to-buy.  These moments cause consumers to turn to their phones for answers.  This is a critical part in the decision making process of a purchase.  Which of these questions does your product or service offer?

Beyond E-commerce

Knowing that these moments are critical in the buying process, then you know that having an e-commerce site is not enough.  You should also have informative videos on your product or service.  A blog about your industry as well as an instructional blog could go a long way.  What is needed will vary depending upon your industry.

connect the dotsThe good part about this graphic is that 51% of people are more likely to make a purchase if you answer their need in the four critical micro moments.  This is why having informative content is useful to your e-commerce site.

Three key Factors

This graphic shows the three key factors needed to be useful in a micro moment:

google micro momentsFind out what questions your customers are asking before purchasing and provide the answers on your website.  Layout your site in a simple manner so it loads quickly.  Consumers today don’t have patience, and they don’t need to either.  The best sites load in fractions of a second.

Getting started

I would recommend getting started on your mobile site if you haven’t built one yet.  If your site is not mobile friendly then you can throw all of this information out the window.  Being mobile friendly is the first key to answering the call of the micro moment.  Google has tools to help you with this.  They have a mobility tester that can test your website for mobile friendliness.  If your website has a good score, then you can start to design your site around the questions that most buyers want answered.

target market

Shopify for your Store

Shopify has a great set up that is easy to use and quick to set up.  You can build a Shopify store that is mobile friendly in under one hour.  The days of the “build it and they will come”  are over.  Websites that are built rarely get viewed because they are not useful.  These days people are turning to the web for information, and the site that only sells a product will be bypassed.  Consumers want the information before making the purchase now, so give them a website that gives information along with a great product.

These are great

Keep Building

I am sure you all have great ideas.  I like to help people bring their ideas to life.  If you aren’t getting sales, don’t be so quick to give up.  People may tell you that you aren’t getting sales because your product is no good.  If you listen to these people then you will never make it.  Try your best to increase engagements before throwing in the towel on your dream.  Connect with your customers at every possible engagement.

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Micro Moments- Be Quick

Be Quick

In today’s world of E-commerce in case you haven’t noticed, speed matters.  Customers are looking to purchase things from websites that load ultra fast and are easy to use.  When you visit a website that works well it is barely noticeable.  The website that is easy to navigate and works exactly how you want it to goes unheralded by the customer.  When a site is clunky and slow though, everyone notices.  This is why load times and navigation are so important.

be quick micro momentsKey takeaways from the image above, people are often in a hurry.  When people are in a hurry they turn to their smart phone for answers.  This is where the micro moments come in to play.  Is your website running fast enough to service the customer who is in a hurry.  Most customers wont wait for your site to load especially if they are short on time.  Test your own site often to see what the customer experience is like.

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Customers are impatient

micro moments be quick

Your customers will switch on you if your site takes too long to load.  If they went to your site originally then don’t leave them hanging by not providing them with a good experience.  This will be a quick way to lose customers!

This is another graphic illustrating the importance of speed on websites.  If you have too many images or not enough hosting then this will cause your site to slow down.

target market

Eliminate steps

Find out why customers are coming to your site initially.  If the majority of customers visit your site for a reason, then make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for.

The less clicks your customer takes to get to the information they are looking for, the more likely it is that they revisit your site when they need to look for similar information.  Don’t take your customers for granted, give them a good experience.  Every engagement with a person is a chance to make a good impression.  Do not take this opportunity lightly.

A personal story

I recently bought a stove from a retail store.  Their website was easy to use.  The website let me schedule a delivery time from 5 to 9 p.m.  but when the third party delivery company called me to schedule, they informed me that they did not deliver at this time.  This immediately is a negative experience for me.  For one the retailer promised me a time that was not available in the first place.  The second point is that this retailer leaves their reputation in the hands of a third party.  Because the third party is inflexible this makes me unlikely to buy from this retailer again.

This retailer happens to be losing market share year after year.  If my one experience is repeated thousands times a year, then it is not hard to see why they are losing business in today’s world.  They have been around for years and years but cannot adapt to the retail world we live in today.

Happy customers become advocates

Keep your customers happy and they will go to bat for you.  Make them feel apart of your overall mission.  Customers that feel like they are part of your business will be more inclined to share your work with their friends.

Keep Working, Keep Selling, and have a good weekend!

The images and data used in this post are found in the Google Micro Moments PDF, this can be accessed here micro moments pdf






Be Useful – Google Micro Moments

Are you useful?

In the Last Article we looked at different things people are using their phones for.  What moments are people reaching for their phone to look for answers? It is in these moments where new customers can be won from competitors if your site comes up as a solution to their problem in these moments. How can you be useful?

Be Useful Micro MomentsAgain this information is on the Google Micro moments .pdf.  A link can be found Here.

If a customer is going to your store to buy something, then you need to consider whether or not the product needs instructional content with it.  Don’t assume anything is “self explanatory” communicate use of your product in a language that everyone can understand.


Be Useful or else!

be usefulIf you aren’t useful when your customers are in need, the statistics above paint the picture of the damage that can be done to your brand.  The bottom line here is that you will lose business if you cannot meet the customer’s needs in that moment.

Useful isn’t easy

A difficult part about this is actually knowing when this moment will happen. What will you need to provide to satisfy this need?  Sometimes people are wondering how to use your product.  There may be other people who are looking for reviews on your product.  Information should be easy to find on your site, so the customer doesn’t go searching elsewhere for information on your product.

Be useful – instructional videos

Instructional videos via You Tube can be posted on your own site or on your You Tube channel, but you should think about posting some sort of instructional video content to your site.  The statistics above show us why this is useful.  Many people are trying to do new things, and they search you tube to figure out how to do these things.

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What do you solve?

If you have a product that solves a how-to problem, then you need to have a video on your website showing what your product can do for your customers.

You don’t need to be in the video, there are other ways to make videos. A business owner can just take screen shots or put together a video with no person in it.  The narration to the video can be done on the side if you are not comfortable being in a video.

target market

Be useful- with speed

People who want to buy, want to buy fast.  Speed is a factor when your customer has made the decision they want to buy your product.


micro momentsThese statistics show just how important it is for you to be fast.  Again in the last post I included a link to the mobility tester from Google.  Run your site through the test, and see how mobile friendly your site is.
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Micro Moments

Micro Moments from Google

I wanted to talk more about the Micro Moments from google that I referenced in my last post.  This is how Google Defines Micro Moments:

google micro moments


A link to this study can be found in the previous post as well.    I will be giving insight on this study this week that I find to be useful for small businesses.

google micro momentsmicro moments






We have to be connected to our phone

As you can see we are dependent on our phones, and the upcoming generations are more attached than the previous.  What are you doing to enhance your mobile site or app to capture these upcoming buyers?

When is a micro moment happening:

google micro moments

These moments are the I want to know, I want to do, I want to buy, and I want to do moments.  When your buyers are in a store looking at a product, how is your phone informing them of a buying decision?  If they are in your store looking for more information, what is your mobile site saying?

With a 20% increase in mobile share of online sessions year over year, you cannot ignore your mobile site anymore.

Phone is changing fast, are you?

Have you even looked at your mobile site?  How mobile friendly is it?  Google has a free tool that can be used to test your site.  Here is the link to the site.  Use this to see where your site is at right now in terms of being mobile friendly.  It tells you what you need to work on as well all for free.

google micro momentsYour Phone is important

This is how important the phone has become.  Users are not willing to wait a long time any more.  If your site is not pulling up in seconds, then they will leave to the next guy.

Make sure your hosting is sound.  We have no patience any more.  Unfortunately this is the way the world is going.

Let’s improve together

I want to help you to improve, and I will keep writing content that is useful for you.  I hope you get something out of this article.  The mobile friendly site will be the winner of the day.  Make sure to put yourself in a position to capture the new market.


ecomerce could be the wave of the future.  I noticed a number of people searching for ecomerce.  Even though this isn’t a word necessarily, I wanted to add a quick blurb about this into my blog.