Link Building

Link Building

Link building in an important way to build credibility for your website.  The number of sites that have a link back to yours is important for SEO purposes.  If a popular site like CNN links your site in one of its articles, this improves your SEO score.

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Search engines take account of how many links you have linked to you and the popularity of the sites that are linking back to you.  If you have a thousand links to your sites, but the sites that link to you are not very popular themselves, then the links won’t help your rating as much as one site like CNN linking to you.


Influencer Marketing


Influencers can be a good way to get your brand out there.  Search out individuals who are popular within your market space.  If you can get these influencers to mention your product or link back to your site, this will help your overall brand recognition.  Being mentioned in a video obviously won’t help your SEO rating, but it will help if you can get these influencers to link back to your site.

Influencers are people who already have a large following in an area you are trying to break in to.  Leverage their popularity to your advantage.  Normally influencers will want a benefit like a percentage of sales or something like that.


Establish partnerships with businesses that are currently popular in your industry.  If you are not in direct competition with their product, alot of companies will be up for  a partnership that will be mutually beneficial.  Seek out people who sell complimentary products to yours, then reach out the them to set up the partnership.

They can link to your site, and you can link to their site in order to gain more recognition for the both of you.  As long as your ratings on the internet are sound, most businesses won’t have a problem linking to you.

Check out forums out there for e-commerce store owners.  This is a good way to find partners.  Even if they are just starting out, it is great to get more links to your site.

IF you haven’t set up a site yet, check out Shopify!  You can have a store set up in under 30 minutes!

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Accepting Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

Accept Bitcoin on your website

Bitcoin has been gaining in popularity recently.  It has surged lately spurred by an acceptance from the Japanese government some what confirming its legitimacy.  The currency is now above $2,000 for the first time in its short history.  Have a look at the price over the past year:

The Bitcoin price year






Getting Started

As you can see the currency has doubled in value twice over the past year.  Bitcoin (BTC) opens your customer base up to anyone who can sign up for a BTC account.  In China they may not be able to purchase through your website directly, but by using BTC they can purchase from your site.

To get started you want to use a trusted online wallet.  The most trusted site is  Coinbase .  Coinbase will allow you to set up a wallet.

There are three currencies built in to your Coinbase wallet Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.  You can accept payment in any of these currencies through Coinbase once your account is set up.  Coinbase also assists you in setting up your payment button.  Below is my payment button, feel free to donate any BTC if you find this helpful!

Buy with Coinbase

A little on how it works

Bitcoin is a digital currency, through coinbase you will be assigned a unique account number like: 1J39HPB3KCX6iwJ5xHcZRkGRCQjmETXb45

This number is used when people want to send you Bitcoin.  Think of it like Paypal.  When you want to send people Paypal or Venmo payments you must know their e-mail address or user name.  This works much the same way.

You can convert your currency from BTC into dollars using Coinbase.  You can even deposit your Bitcoin on an exchange and trade on other speculative currencies.

Not like Gold

This isn’t like Gold because you can use BTC, it is more practical.  Gambling sites are using it to allow Americans to gamble on their sites because the law permits online gambling.  You can’t do that with gold.

On your E-commerce site you can add payment buttons to accept bitcoin, assign different buttons to different products at varying amounts.

If you have a Shopify store, they already work with a payment processor that accepts BTC as payment.  If you do not have a Shopify store set up, then you can go here for a free trial:

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Coinbase links up to your bank

Coinbase can link up to your bank account, so when you make the sale, the money is placed in your BTC wallet on Coinbase.  You can immediately transfer that money out of your wallet and into your bank account.  Please be aware it may take a day or two to get to your bank.  The value doesn’t fluctuate within that 1-2 days, as your money is in dollars at that point.

So far our government hasn’t made accepting Bitcoin illegal nor is paying for things with BTC.  It could be that one day this will be illegal, but for now use this currency and others to your advantage.

Advertise that you accept Bitcoin

Next, advertise on your site that you are accepting Bitcoin.  There are various forums related to Bitcoin.  Join the Bitcoin social community online to help get your product out there as well.  If you please one Bitcoin enthusiast with your products, they are likely to tell others about you as well.

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Lavar Ball is a marketing genius

Lavar Ball

Do you recognize that name?  If you do did you also look at the title of this article with confusion?  Many people balk at the notion of Lavar Ball being a marketing genius.  Four years ago did you know who Lavar Ball was?  What is the name of the father of last years number one draft pick?  It is likely that you don’t know the answer to that last question.  Today, everyone knows that Lavar Ball is the father of Lonzo Ball who has not yet entered the NBA, but Lavar has already created so much media buzz around he and his three sons that at this point it might not matter how well Lonzo does on the court.  He will likely make more money that many NBA rookies through TV show deals, endorsement deals and other deals that rookies don’t see because of his father.

lavar ball boysLavar Ball Google search 2015

Look at the picture above.  That is Lavar’s google search results from 2015.  You see that no one was talking about him.  The links that are there actually relate to today’s story because of the way Google returns the custom date search results.  Lavar was probably the same guy in 2015 that you see today.  It is unlikely that he became that cocky over night, but the way he does not back down from anything he says is drawing attention.  The outlandish things he says may be his belief.  Every time he says something insane, he gets more attention.  Here is the search results on google today:

Lavar Ball 2017lavar ball searchLavar search from 2017

Above you will find the Google results from today.  Now you can see that Lavar Ball reveals much different results than before.  His shoe and his sons are getting publicity that no other rookie in the NBA has ever seen since Lebron James.

Lonzo may get hate in the NBA, but Lebron also got hate as soon as he entered the NBA as well.  All Lonzo and Lavar has to know is that “they don’t Boo nobodys”

Baller Brand

I have linked the website to the Big Baller Brand.  I have no affiliation nor receive any money from this brand.  Do you know the name of Ben Simmon’s brand?  How many NBA players pre-draft of their rookie year has had their own brand?  It doesn’t matter if Lonzo plays well or not.  The brand is built.

The good thing about this is that if Lonzo does play bad the media will blame his father shielding Lonzo from any blame at all.  This may free him up to play the way he wants because there is no risk for him.  The way they interact on interviews is genius to me if it is planned out.  Lonzo is quiet letting his dad go off, and in the end the announcer always asks aren’t you putting too much pressure on him.  Really pressure is something that is made up by the media in must win situations.  The player that plays well is going to play well in those situations just like every other situation.

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Securing a future

Lavar Ball has secured a future for his family whether Lonzo does well or not.  He still has years in the spot light with his sons coming up out of high school over the next several years.  This is years of marketing he can continue to do for his brand that will make him money that he and his family wouldn’t have had otherwise.

You can get mad at what he says like most people do, but you can sit at home being mad.  He will still be cashing the checks and collecting the money while you watch the show he puts on.  Marketing professionals everywhere should watch this and admire the money being made over night by the Ball family.

Check these out!

What does this mean for you?

For your site, this article might have very little value.  I wanted to write this for you to see that sometimes things happen in your life that you can capitalize on to make money.  Maybe you make a video that goes viral, use it to build a brand.  It is unlikely that you will make anything that goes viral, and it is unlikely you will have three children who are great basketball players.

Lavar put in 18 years of work or more for this moment.  Do you think his children were born great at basketball?  How long do you think he spent with his kids over their life just waiting for the chance he has right now?  We are only seeing the surface of a massive glacier of time spent on creating what is manifesting itself in the media right now.  He believed in his children enough to spend that time, he believes in them enough now to build a brand off of their talent.

Keep On

Keep on going Lavar, great work!  I look forward to seeing what will happen.  It is a Donald Trump like story that has rocketed him to the top of the media ratings.

If you need to build a site try Shopify:

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The Phone Isn’t a phone

What is a phone?

Today, the phone is a different thing then it was 50 years ago.  If we went back in time, and we explained what a phone did in 2017 to someone in 1967, what would that person say?  For some reason we think that a phone is still an inferior device because it is a phone and not a computer.  When people think of a computer, they think of a fast moving device connected to the internet which will provide information to the user at a faster rate than the phone.

UPS surepost

Micro moments

Micro moments according to google are seconds that are crucial to our buying decisions.   I will post a link to this guide on micro moments.  It provides great insight into what buyers experience everyday from the tip of their finger tips.

The phone has become a personal adviser to us.  We look to our phone for buying decisions, we ask it how to do things, and we communicate through text on them.  The activity which we use the phone for least, is the activity for which the phone was designed.  Calling a phone what it is, a phone, is actually diminishing the value it actually has.  The time that we spend on our phone talking to other people through voice communication is probably the smallest percentage of a total pie if you graphed out everything you used the phone for during the day.

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Why does this matter?

This matters to you as a business owner because you need to reconsider your mobile strategy.  When your customers log in to your site, what are they there for?  What does your home page tell them?  Customers like an easy and fast experience.  People are unwilling to wait even 3 seconds to log in to your site.  Google is giving preferential treatment now to mobile friendly sites.

If you have  a retail store 82% of people buying your product are consulting their phones for advice.  When people turn to their phone, what is your site telling them?  Do you make it easy to find information about your product?

March Madness

Blogs and videos

You need to start a blog at least a weekly blog, or you can start a vlog.  If you want to make videos, post a picture of yourself on hotornot, and if you get below a 5, then you shouldn’t make videos.  This goes back to the liking principle of Chialdini in that we like to buy from people who are like us.  We also like to buy from attractive people because we automatically associate them with being smart or trustworthy.

Here is the link to micromoments from google:


How To increase Sales

How to increase sales

Are you selling internationally?  If you want to increase sales you should be thinking about selling to other countries.  Canadians are buying online from America at a rate of 67%.  Over 20,000,000 people in Canada have bought at least one item online from America.  What does your website say about shipping International?  If you are turning away international customers you may be costing yourself money for no reason.

how to get more sales onlineWhat do these two tell you?

Check this out!

If you were or are a Canadian buyer, do you think these two statements are welcoming for international buyers.  The first one outright refuses international orders.  The second one shows that international is possible, but it requires the buyers to do work.  With UPS the broker is UPS, so the customer does not need to choose one.  There is a new service UPS has known as ICOD that allows buyers to pay online before the package arrives.

This capture from  shows if you have international customers:

online salesmothers day

What does your site say?

What do the stats say for your site?  Check them out on similar web so you can see.  If you are getting hits from other countries, then you are turning people away from your store.  These customers are basically showing up to your store and its closed.


UPS has a service called I-Global that you can add on to your website which tells customers the duties and taxes before the order it sent.  You will need to contact UPS to see who your local representative is to find out more about this service.

Since over half of the population of Canada for example has ordered internationally, then they are aware of the existence of duties and taxes.  Hopefully, these customers especially would not be shocked if they need to pay taxes.  I-Global also has fraud protection.

Get more sales online!

Use this information to get more sales online.  As Amazon grows bigger, they will make things harder on you.  Keep working hard and you will succeed.  Remember “if it doesn’t cost you a dime then it will probably cost you some time.”  Have a great easter weekend!  Good luck next week.