Be Useful – Google Micro Moments

Are you useful?

In the Last Article we looked at different things people are using their phones for.  What moments are people reaching for their phone to look for answers? It is in these moments where new customers can be won from competitors if your site comes up as a solution to their problem in these moments. How can you be useful?

Be Useful Micro MomentsAgain this information is on the Google Micro moments .pdf.  A link can be found Here.

If a customer is going to your store to buy something, then you need to consider whether or not the product needs instructional content with it.  Don’t assume anything is “self explanatory” communicate use of your product in a language that everyone can understand.


Be Useful or else!

be usefulIf you aren’t useful when your customers are in need, the statistics above paint the picture of the damage that can be done to your brand.  The bottom line here is that you will lose business if you cannot meet the customer’s needs in that moment.

Useful isn’t easy

A difficult part about this is actually knowing when this moment will happen. What will you need to provide to satisfy this need?  Sometimes people are wondering how to use your product.  There may be other people who are looking for reviews on your product.  Information should be easy to find on your site, so the customer doesn’t go searching elsewhere for information on your product.

Be useful – instructional videos

Instructional videos via You Tube can be posted on your own site or on your You Tube channel, but you should think about posting some sort of instructional video content to your site.  The statistics above show us why this is useful.  Many people are trying to do new things, and they search you tube to figure out how to do these things.

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What do you solve?

If you have a product that solves a how-to problem, then you need to have a video on your website showing what your product can do for your customers.

You don’t need to be in the video, there are other ways to make videos. A business owner can just take screen shots or put together a video with no person in it.  The narration to the video can be done on the side if you are not comfortable being in a video.

target market

Be useful- with speed

People who want to buy, want to buy fast.  Speed is a factor when your customer has made the decision they want to buy your product.


micro momentsThese statistics show just how important it is for you to be fast.  Again in the last post I included a link to the mobility tester from Google.  Run your site through the test, and see how mobile friendly your site is.
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Be There – Google Micro Moments

Will you Be There?

To be successful in the E-commerce world of today, it is important that you be there for your customers.  Customers are not as loyal to a certain brand of product as they have been in the past.  Customers are more likely to buy the product that was there when they searched for something they were needing.

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For Example:  If you are a plumbing company, do you know where you come up when someone googles “how do I unclog a sink?”  This is a be there moment when someone is trying to learn how to do something.  Perhaps you have a product that will fix this problem.  Will these people find you?  If you have a blog on this issue maybe they will find your site first.

target market

Why do you need to be there?

micro moments33% have bought from companies they didn’t originally intent to purchase from.  You need to check your mobile search ad results and see where you are coming up.  Run a test on your keywords to see where you are coming up on google using the google: webmaster tools.

These statistics that I am using in these posts all from the Micro Moments pdf put together by Google.  This can be found here .

Google helps you grow

Understanding Google and how it works is a great way to understand how you can grow your site.  You need to know how the google algorithm works to show up higher on search results.

With this statistic you can see that buyers are not always loyal to a certain brand when searching as I mentioned.  You need to be the answer to a question each buyer is asking.  What do you provide and what question does that answer?  If you have identified the question, how high do you show up on Google when someone searches that question in google?

Important moments

google micro momentsThese are the four moments that Google has identified as moments that can win over customers.  The I want to know, I want to go, I want to buy, and I want to do moments.  How does your product fit in with these moments.

What are they thinking?


What is the user thinking during these moments?  Define what they Are  looking for.  Do you have the answer?  Is the experience of finding the answer easy on your site?  If not, work on making a seamless app or website that answers specific questions, so you can capture a niche market.  This will boost your sales.

Keep working, keep growing.  It takes a lot of work to become a great company, but if you have the passion behind what you are doing then you can succeed through hard work!  Hard work and perseverance are essential in success.

Remember “if it doesn’t cost you a dime, then it will probably cost you some time.”