Mothers Day is Sunday

Mothers Day

On Sunday it is Mothers Day.  In This Post I talked about how to capitalize on upcoming holidays using Google trends.  When you are just starting your e-commerce website it is difficult to get traffic to your website.  It is obvious that you need traffic to get sales.

Gift Idea!

wooden shot glass







Holidays and Events

Think of other holidays that will be coming up like the fourth of July.  Other events that are coming up soon include Graduations, Birthdays, and Anniversaries.  You should be marketing to people using google to search for gifts.  Create a page with products that would work well as Birthday presents, a separate page for anniversary gifts and a holidays page.  Change the name of the holidays page with upcoming holiday items.

Does this apply to you?

Maybe you think that your product won’t work for a certain holiday.  You should let the buyer decide whether or not your product would go well as a holiday gift.

Some would say this gift might not work well as a Mother’s day gift, but I want the buyer to make that decision for themselves.  Your goal is to get traffic any way you can.  If you can get a person to the point of checkout you have captured an e-mail at least which can lead to future engagements.

If someone buys an item from you after setting these pages up, now it is your time to turn the buyer into an advocate.

Turn Buyers into your advisors

As a new e-commerce site when you get a buyer it is important to find out why this person bought from you.  As I have mentioned in other posts, you want this buyer who bought your product to spread the word about your site.

There are ways to do this by giving them a free-gift without telling them about the free gift.  I went over these in detail in the Chialdini series I did.  On the right you will see the categories listed.  Read the posts starting with This link.

The trend is your friend

Use the trends to your advantage.  The trends from google are important to learn about.  Find out what people are looking for on a daily basis.  Prepare your site for upcoming events like the championship series coming up, awards shows, tv series.  Anything that people will be searching for information on you should use these in your SEO.  Remember that google wants the context to be relevant, so just plastering trends on yor site is not going to be enough.  Look at my SEO category on the right to learn more.

Keep working, Keep Selling, and you will come out ahead in the end!


Mother’s Day is coming

Mother’s Day and mothers day

Last time I introduced how to configure your website to capture traffic coming in searched for mothers day.  Another thing to think about is how the google search shows when Mother’s day is searched with an apostrophe.  These are two different searches with different volume.

mother's day gifts

The first one is how google shows up with an apostrophe added.

Here are some searches that are related to Mother’s day that can also be used.  you will notice they all have high volume with relatively low competition.  If you start focusing on these now, you may be able to capture more of these sales.

mothers day gifts 2017

You can see all of these have low competition.  If you use mother’s day 2017, the results will probably be better for you as well.  Incorporate these into the content of your site and this will lead to capturing more mother’s day sales.

Structure your content for this Holiday, and then keep this in mind for future holiday’s as well.

This is your chance

Capture as much volume as you can during this time.  With the sales that you get, you need to then give them a compelling reason to keep coming back to your store over and over again.

mothers day

Don’t let this volume come and go.  Also pay attention to the days, make sure you take that content down after Mother’s day has passed.  This is very important in the professional appearance of your site.  The site is your brand, and it will say a lot about your brand over the years.

Be sure to include a gift receipt with your Mother’s day orders, maybe even a special packaging configuration for those orders as well.

Keep it moving

There are many ways to drive traffic and sales to your site, and I hope to address issues that you deal with on a daily basis.  My aim is to make you successful.

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Thanks for reading!


Capitalize on Retail Holidays like mothers day

Mother’s day is coming up

Mother’s day is around the corner:  May 14, 2017 to be exact.  What does your store have planned for Mother’s day?  Let’s say that your product is not intended for mothers specifically, but has anyone that is a mother ever used your product?  Why did they buy it?  A TV is not necessarily an item designed for mothers specifically, but you can advertise the fact that mothers love to watch TV, so why not get them this great new TV for sale on just for Mother’s Day!  That was a hypothetical example for you to apply to your own store.

What do the numbers say?

As you can see with 200,000 plus searches today on March 26, 2017.  The number one trending search on google is Mothers day.

Plan for upcoming holidays

Configure your website to capture these searches by adding a mothers day section to your website, add products that would be interesting gifts for mothers.  Add product pages with keywords like mothers day gifts etc…  Use the SEO tips that I have spoken about in other posts to your advantage.

The google keyword tool would be great to use here, use it to learn how to structure your content so people searching for mothers day gifts will find your site.  Mothers day gift ideas is a great long tail keyword you can use.

Use this for all holidays

This same tip can be applied to every holiday even Easter, Fathers day, and July 4th.  If your product definitely won’t fit as a gift for all of these then don’t try to stretch your product into something it isn’t.  Fathers day and mothers day are usually holidays that most products can be used as gifts for these days because they are people who need things just like the rest of us.

Here is a good example of a site that is implementing a mothers day section already from

mother day gift


Happy selling

I hope this gives you some good ideas to help increase sales in 2017.  If you don’t have your own store set up yet, check out Shopify to get started today.

mothers day


Robert Chialdini

Xavier busted the bracket!

How is your bracket doing?

Many people are focused on the Madness of March! Xavier pulled off an upset.  The upsets that come with that are inevitable yet every year it is a big story when a number 1 or 2 seed gets knocked off by a lesser opponent.

Xavier in this situation was not expected to win yet they did, and how do you think this happened?  It is because the stats do not play the game.  The game is an event that has to take place in order for the result to be known, while predictions can be made there is one certainty:  Sometimes predictions will be wrong.

Xavier wins


ecomerce could be the wave of the future.  I noticed a number of people searching for ecomerce.  Even though this isn’t a word necessarily, I wanted to add a quick blurb about this into my blog.

What does this mean for you?

When you look at your business, your website, or your other sales channels, do you have predictions?  Have you thought about the cost of acquiring one customer, and the value that customer will bring to you over their life time?  These are numbers that businesses should know because it determines the direction forward for the company.

Let’s say that it is costing you $100 to make one sale or acquire one customer, and your average sale is $79.  This $79  is all the customer will give you for their entire life time because your product is only needed one time in a persons life.  This is all hypothetical of course, but in this situation obviously it would not be wise for this business to continue operations until they figured out how to acquire customers more effectively.

If you only listen to stats and numbers before starting a business, then you will most likely never start the business either.  At the start of almost every business the future looks bleak just due to the product not being widely known, and the market not having love for the product itself.


Where is the Love?

The love is in your niche marketplace, the stats and figures don’t take into account that you are going to be targeting a group of people directly.  These people are going to love your product, do you know who these people are?  What is your ideal customer, what type of person buys your product and why?  These are things you need to know in order to compete against a company like Amazon.  People go to Amazon because they know what they are looking for will most likely be there.  If these same people know your product and are looking for it, then they will know not to go to Amazon to look for it.

xavier game

How does that work?

This scenario is built over time, it isn’t a one day thing, and it certainly isn’t magic.  If you know who you want your customer to be, you need to then see how much these people are costing you to acquire, then find out if you are profiting off of this exchange.  The cost to acquire customers should go down after the first one, hopefully you are building relationships with your clients, so they brag to their friends about your product.  This way, the cost of acquiring customers drops significantly.

Building your base up is a way for you to compete with a company like Amazon even though you might be an unheralded competitor like Xavier.  Don’t worry about it just get started and everything else will fall into place if you work at it.

xavier upset

Take it slow

Don’t do everything at once, take it slow

“yard by yard it is hard, inch by inch is is a cinch”- Les Brown

Celebrate your achievements as they come whether it be your first sale or your hundreth, celebrate and enjoy.

Always remember why you are doing what you are doing to fuel the flame of ambition if you ever feel it dying out.

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