Times are changing

Times are changing

To say that times are changing is a statement so obvious.  In today’s world we have the ability to buy something and have it show up within hours without ever having to interact with a human being.  If you think back to even thirty years ago, then you can remember how hard it was to find what you wanted.  People had to actually go to a store and walk around to find things they might want.

The malls got foot traffic because certain stores attracted the attention for the smaller stores.  Spending time at the mall was an event people got ready for.  They planned a day of it.  Now malls are dying all around the country.

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Where do we go from here?

Amazon has made the e-commerce world a huge market for everyone.  They have become very efficient at what they do, but the backlash against Amazon is starting to grow louder and louder.  As stores have to shut down, other companies are innovating to keep up with Amazon.  Companies are building better mouse traps.  Amazon has forced everyone to become better.  It is hard to imagine what is next.


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Anticipate the next big thing

We are a small business blog.  Escape Amazon cares about the smaller business person trying to sell things online without much capital to back them up.  You must be forward thinking in this position because you do not have a choice.  What trends are beginning to form that will re-shape the future?  Imagine if you invested in Amazon in 1996, you would be wealthy today.



A few trends that I see becoming part of the future of the world are VR and Robotics.  It is hard to see how we are going to be able to monetize things like drones.  The VR world is going to revolutionize how we interact with each other.  This might be a bad thing, but it doesn’t have to be.

How can you make money off of these trends?  These trends are not the only ones that will become something in the future.  What systems are in place that you can improve on?  Netflix made a better way to rent movies.  Before Netflix, Blockbuster was the king of video rentals.  After Netflix, Blockbuster became bankrupt.  Local music stores are a thing of the past because of itunes.

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Small Business

How can you thrive in this environment?  What are you going to do to make money?  Corporations are getting larger, but they have been forever.  The fact that you are a small business now is not a reason to quit.  Work harder is actually what you need to be doing, but the work has to be on the right things.  Are you researching up coming trends?  You have a great idea, but will it be relevant in ten years?  Because you are small means you do not have time to waste!

This business blog will keep on going.  I hope you find the information useful.  Please let me know if you have any questions!

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Keep on working!  You will win in the end.

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It will never be easy

It will never be easy

We have written over 100 posts on this blog.  The purpose of this blog has always been geared toward helping the small business.  This small business blog is about helping you grow.  We want you to remember that it is never going to be easy.

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Thanks to companies like Amazon, customers have developed a certain expectation when they order things online.  Customers are looking for fast shipping, fast fulfillment and low prices.  You are a small business.  There is no way you can afford to operate like that in the beginning.

We Don’t hate Amazon

we don’t hate Amazon.  The recommendation has been to start with Amazon, then you use the engagements and sales to transfer your traffic to your own website.  This is what we cover in the Increasing Engagement category to the right.  Reading these posts and the SEO category posts will give you ideas on how to grow sales.

Many people get the impression that all you have to do is set up a Big Commerce or Shopify store.  The setting up of the store is just the beginning of a long process.

When you set up the store you are at least committing to yourself to get started.  I have seen many people set up stores and simply give up because they get 0 sales.  Don’t just try the free trial for 15 days then decide it is too difficult.  These template stores like Shopify and Big Commerce are easy to figure out, but if you cannot figure it out then ask for help.

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Ask for help

The good thing about starting an online e-commerce store today:   Many people have come before you.

The people who have started e commerce sites previously are putting their information online to help you out.  Pitfalls await you at each step of the set up.  Look online for forums where people are offering you advice.  Shopify and Big Commerce both have  great forums where sellers and developers answer any question you have.

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Winter is coming!

Aside from the Game of Thrones reference, Winter really is coming.  This means that people are going to be spending more and more money online as we approach Christmas.  You should already be thinking about your strategy for the holidays.  Again check out our SEO category for some of our pasts post on how to optimize your site to capture holiday traffic for any upcoming holiday.

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They Make it look easy

They Make it Look Easy

Can you think of a person or product that seeming came out of no where?    How many You Tube channels are you subscribed to right now? What do you know about the history of your favorite company?  I was watching a TD Jakes sermon recently that reminded me of the sacrifice that goes in to creating something of value.  If you have ever seen a TD Jakes sermon, then you know that he is one of the most powerful speakers on the planet.  He can give an hour sermon that makes you feel like you have been listening for 10 minutes.  This post isn’t about religion at all, but it will be about perception.  How do they make it look so easy?

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Your perception can trick you easily.  Your favorite You Tube star with 10,000,000 subscribers makes a 10 minute video about the news of the day, and he makes over a million dollars a year.  You never heard of that person before you tube, and you only subscribed because a friend recommended them to you.  This leads you to think that you can do that.

If this story sounds familiar to you, it is because for every one person with 10,000,000 subscribers, there are a 100,000 others with 10 subscribers who thought they could be a you tube star.  That you tube star you are watching didn’t start with 10,000,000 subscribers.  They have most likely been on you tube making videos for 10 years.  Some do go viral and are over night successes.  Even these people are likely to have other attempts at going viral that went no where.

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Anything that is worth doing will take sacrifice to become good at it.  TD Jakes has been preaching for 40 years.  He didn’t just wake up one day at 50 years old and start preaching.  What we see is the result of years of sacrifice.  The musician you listen to had to sacrifice hours and hours of every single day to become famous.

The You Tube star, the Twitch streamers, they all have to learn how to get more subscribers so they can get paid.  All you are seeing is the result of their hard work.

This can lead you to think that there was no work at all involved because they make it look so easy.  This is the mark of a professional.  When someone makes what they do look so easy that anyone can do it, that is a pro.

The Reality

Obviously the reality of the situation is that it isn’t easy.  If it were, everyone would have a youtube channel that was successful.  Everyone would have a blog with 1,000,000 views a day.

With these, content is king.  Consistent content is key.  SEO is the tool that gets you more views.  With this small business blog, we discuss topics to help the small business owners.  Other business blogs may focus on larger businesses.  Whatever you want to focus on with your content, make sure it relates to your expertise.  Your website that is selling a  product should also have a blog related to that product.

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It takes work

The bottom line with all of this is that it takes work.  You aren’t going to be successful over night.  One blog post will not make you a millionaire.  A you tube video is not going to go viral and make you famous.  Don’t let your mind fool you in to thinking life is that easy because it isn’t.

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Happy Father’s Day

Hope you had a happy Father’s Day!

There are times to remember what is really important in this world.  We also need to recognize that what is important is different for everyone.  While family and friends might be the most important thing to me in this world.  I recognize that there are other people who may not care about these things.  Everyone is different though we may share common views here and there.  Father’s Day is a great time to think about the future.

With all the political turmoil engulfing the USA today, sometimes a day like this is needed to reflect on what is important.  We can get caught up in the daily news cycle of constant negativity, but do not let this control the narrative of your own life.

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Holiday Calendar for 2017

holiday calender for 2017

This is the calendar for the upcoming holidays in 2017 from NYCdesign.co.  If you have your website up and running, then you need to prepare your SEO for these upcoming days.  July 4th is one day that is coming up to consider. Do you have any items that could be viewed as patriotic?  Have you set up a July 4th specific product page?

When Mother’s Day was coming up I wrote a couple blogs about how to effectively capture google searches for holidays.  For your review they can be found here:

Mother’s Day SEO article 1

Mothers day article 2

I may have flipped those, but they are both informative on the subject of using holidays to increase your sales.

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The idea behind this blog is to grow your online sales.  We first need to drive traffic to your online store before we can grow sales.  The only natural way to do this without paying for advertisements is to use SEO to your advantage.

What is trending?

To enhance your SEO you need to stay up to date on what is trending.  What are people searching for now, and how can you structure your content to capture these searches?  Google has optimized their algorithm to display websites that are actually talking about what the individual is searching for.

This is why it is important to set up a product page when you are targeting a group looking for gifts.  Google will ping the sites with product pages and content structured around the search.  If someone is searching for “july 4th decorations” and you have a July 4th page set up, then you will come up higher on a search than someone who does not have this page set up.  There are factors that could make that statement untrue, but in general this is the way it works all other things being equal.

If you haven’t started your store yet, I recommend giving Shopify a look.  You can start a free trial, and have your store up within an hour.  Check them out here:

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Have a great week!

There isn’t a lot to this post, but I did want to say thanks for reading.  I hope you have a great week ahead.  Share this blog with your friends and associates.

I believe you can do anything you want in this world if you have the desire to learn how to do it.  The important thing in every desire or goal is to get started.  That sounds simple, but we all know that it isn’t.  The first step is the longest stride is a saying because it is real, but at some point you just need to realize that your procrastination may make later become never.  You might not get another chance to try out that thing you have been wanting to pursue.  Do it today!


Action leads to results

are you taking Action?

I know many people who listen to positive thinking tapes.  They read great books by inspirational people.  When they see you reading a Dale Carnegie type book they comment on how good it is.  When you read these books and listen to these tapes I think it is great to absorb this knowledge.  But action must be taken!

I believe in the power of positive thinking, and I think it is a great practice for everyone who is looking to get ahead in this life.  It becomes a problem when you are constantly learning about motivation and positive thinking.  How many books do you need to read to take action?  How many Tony Robbins speeches can you watch on You Tube before you get up and get going?

This might be too real

This might be too real for you, but if you listen to Tony Robbins, then you know that he is a hard worker.  He didn’t read a hundred books a year to get where he is.  He didn’t listen to positive tapes his whole life either.  He acted on and applied what he learned.  How many different books do you need to read that tell you generally the same thing before you get to work on what you want?


Fear of not making it always slows people down.  You think your idea is good, but then you convince yourself that maybe reading another motivational book will help you a little more.  You must apply what you learn for it to be effective.  What do you want to do with your life?  You need to take massive action to make a massive change.

When you begin to take action and you pick up momentum, the forces of the earth get stronger against you.  Your friends will say your wasting your time, while they are watching dancing with the stars.  What’s dumb about that sentence is that you will believe them!

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learn new skills, make progress.  If you are sitting around complaining about your job, your life, or anything else, then you are wasting your time.  No one ever got a new job by complaining about their current one.  No one has achieved a better life by complaining about their current life.  Take what you have in this world and build on it.

If you work you will win.  The other guy is working while you are bitching.  The other guys are consistent.   Do you want to be a great sales person?  Watch videos on sales techniques.  Don’t just watch motivational videos.  You can watch motivational type videos your whole life, but if you do not take action you will never get any where.  At some point you have to take a step.   Inch by inch it is a cinch, yard by yard it is hard.  Take small steps until you reach your stride!


Thank you for reading!

What do you do with Drive?

What is the drive inside?

All humans are motivated by something. We all have a certain drive inside.  Everything you do is motivated by an underlying need that is often masked my a want.  You may want a Mercedes Benz, but the underlying need that fulfills may be acceptance.  In buying a luxury good you over pay for something because it will bring you an amount of envy from another person, you may fit in with a group that you seek to please, or you feel better physically with the product.

How does it work?

Through marketing tactics companies illicit certain chemicals to be generated in the brain like oxytocin or dopamine.  Marketers how certain things will tug at your subconscious to get you to buy their products.  In most cases the consumer doesn’t know what is happening.

What is Motivating you?

what is motivating you to get up and go to work every day?  Is it to make money to purchase these products?  When you started your business or idea there was an underlying drive to that decision.  In most cases the people who have good ideas do not create a business out of these ideas.  The negativity begins to attack the idea before it has even fully formed in your head.  You begin to doubt your idea, think it costs too much to start your idea.

Friends become chains

You will soon find that your friends have been a negative influence on you.  When you introduce an idea to friends who are not motivated to succeed in life, they will kill your idea in front of you.  Some may say it is a good idea.  Take note of these people because you want to keep them around.  The ones who kill your idea with negativity without giving it a second thought are the ones you should spend less time with.

There are enough forces working against you when you create a business, you cannot have friends also cutting you down.

mothers day

Find groups that will give you support like your family.  It is also important however to seek out those who will give you an honest opinion as well in a constructive way.  Seek out people who have also started a business at some point in their life.  Remember that the e-commerce world is different from the one they came up in if they are older than you by a few decades.

This week

This week will be more about motivation and getting your mind ready to fight for what you want. DId  you all had a great Easter Weekend?  I thank you for reading this.  I hope my work helps you succeed in everything you do.

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