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Use the learning center

Continuing with the National Small Business Week theme of posts today, I wanted to bring up a free resource from the SBA website.  The SBA Learning center website has courses on several topics.  Access these classes using this link: .

I took the understanding your customer course this morning, and I found the presentations to be very helpful.  Here is a slide from that presentation:

The courses

The courses in the learning center can help you develop business acumen.  There are also courses on obtaining government contracts, getting financed and more.  All of these courses are valuable and free of charge.  As you decide the direction you want your business to take I would recommend viewing these.  Here is a list of some of the courses offered:

SBA business weekOnline tools

The SBA also provides helpful online tools for your business that can help you grow.  The link to these tools is:  SBA tools

Here is a screen shot of just some of the tools offered at no charge by the SBA:

national small business weekUse these to get a greater insight into your business.  This will help you with a number of different things.  I would recommend using your local SBA for assistance as well.  People will always be willing to work with you if they see you out there hustling.

USe your resources

You need to use the resources you have available as a small business like the SBA because you are competing against companies who pay people to do some of the things these programs are offering for free.

These will take some time to use and learn, but things like this are vital to the growth of your business.  If you hit a wall, then you need to know which way to turn.

Going international

The SBA also has tools to help you go international.  If you plan on growing your business beyond the domestic USA market, these tools are a great place to start.  They are on the same site as the link above.

exporting small businessThanks

Thank you for reading, I hope you get something out of what the SBA has to offer.  Use everything to your advantage especially if it is free.

Keep working, keep selling.  Let me know if you have any questions.



SCORE Mentors

Score Mentors

Score is an organization that works with the small business association.  They provide mentors for your business.  If you have ever wanted to bounce ideas off of anyone, but you never knew where to turn, then you should check out

The good thing about the Mentors of Score is they are very flexible.  Score Mentors help you via phone or e-mail.

The Score Mission

National small business week


This organization cares about the growth of your business because they realize they are helping out the growth of the USA.  If they can help grow a $50,000 company into a $500,000 dollar company, this can mean several jobs for different people.

Experience Matters

Experience matters in business.  There is nothing more important than information.  If you can learn from someone else’s mistakes, then you can avoid making that same mistake on your path to success.  The Score Mentors are experienced in many different industries.

Check these out too!

I worked with a mentor via e-mail when I was starting my first business.  This person was instrumental in developing my thought process whenever I was choosing a different direction.  It is always important to continue learning whenever you have the opportunity and Score provides that for you.


national small business week

If you cant read this, it basically says that the mentors are volunteers, so please respect their time.  Follow through with any appointments that you set up.  Take the survey that is offered because it is important for future for future score participants.

The SBA is here for you

The important thing to remember is the SBA is here for you.  This is national small business week.  Think about government programs and contracts.  Because you are an American and starting a business, our government wants to help you be successful.  There are not many countries in the world who provide this service for their citizens.

What can you use the SBA for?  Reach out to them and find out.

Why not?

why not do it is the question?  Everyone needs a little guidance sometimes.  Even if you think that you got it on your own, it is great to have someone like a mentor to lean on.

Deals for you

Think about it and reach out to them.  Whenever you feel like you hit a wall with your business, realize you have somewhere to go.




National Small Business Week

A week for Small Businesses

This week is Small Businesses week as proclaimed by President Trump.  It is important to focus on smaller businesses because the smaller businesses are a large part of our economy.  This blog has been focused on helping small businesses learn a little bit about growing a small business into a larger business.  The SBA website can be found here:

Growth of the small business helps everyone in the community from employment to consumer spending.  The SBA provides services to small businesses such as capital, consultants and more.  Click the link above to find out more.

Emerging leaders Initiative

The emerging leaders initiative is focused on helping businesses grow within troubled communities.  This is the link directed at this initiative.  This is a program that provides training and consultation to qualifying businesses:

The impact:

Small business week


Thus far the program has been successful.  The info-graphic above is from 2015.


It is good to know that the government has programs available for smaller businesses to compete with large corporations.  This week to go along with small business week I will focus my posts around different programs available from the SBA.  The focus will be on how you can use these programs to help grow your business.  I realize that you might not have the time to look through all of these programs to determine if you do or do not qualify.

Working together

I hope you find this series useful, this is not something I normally focus on.  My thinking was that this would be a good series to do simply because the lack of time small business owners have to research these programs.

I want you to be successful in your business.  Today’s world of sales is changing each and every day.  The sales process has evolved from a information and negotiation. The new type of scenario is the buyer doing the research prior to the purchase, then the buyer makes the purchase on their own after making a decision.


Thank you for reading.  Check back this week for posts on the small business programs.  Also Subscribe for updates when a new post is submitted. Most of all I want you guys to succeed.


ecomerce could be the wave of the future.  I noticed a number of people searching for ecomerce.  Even though this isn’t a word necessarily, I wanted to add a quick blurb about this into my blog.