Breaking Down Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

When you think about Search Engine Optimization or “SEO” It is important to know what it actually is, and what this does for you.  Breaking down the three words actually helps to tell the story as to what SEO is.


When people search they are looking for something.  Google is still the primary source on the internet used for search.  A lot of times people will be searching for an answer to a question.  You need to consider the question your product is an answer to.

For example, an online store selling plants would need to answer a question like “what plant grows best in cold weather?”  This is why having a blog that answers questions to problems can help sell your product IF it answers the question.

Here is the data for keyword “fastest growing plant”

seo long tail

This data is from the Google Keyword tool  Read this to learn more about this.

Using our plant store example, we can see that  if the store wrote a blog optimized for indoor plants, then they would have 100,000 to 1,000,000 potential searches each month.



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The Engine

The engine part of the SEO has to do with Google always running.  They are always working to improve themselves to become more efficient.  In the past there were ways to fool the engine into giving you a higher rank.  The Google team has worked hard to weed out those people trying to cheat their SEO algorithm.  As a business owner you should appreciate this fact because if you can provide quality content along with a quality product, then Google will reward you for this.

Back to our plant example:  You need to think of SEO the way you imagine a tree growing from a seedling.  Depending on the tree you may water and feed it for months without yielding results.  If you are dedicated to your business then this is also to your benefit.  Continue to write quality content that answers questions for people, then have that content direct your readers to your E-commerce store.

Just like a tree does not grow over night, your website will not get visibility over night either.  The days of spamming popular keywords on sites are over.  The reward goes to the consistent and the dedicated as indeed it should!

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The algorithm is working within Google to optimize results.  When a person clicks on your link then goes away, your website will receive a small penalty because of this.  Quality content is very important for this reason.  In the past there were people spamming the keywords that would attract visitors because they were moved to the top of the search results.  This was not a welcomed practice at Google, so this now creates a negative hit toward your website.  I am not sure what amount of time a visitor has to spend on your time in order for Google to consider your content “quality.”

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Get Started

Start a blog along with your e-commerce store and update it.  It won’t do you any good to start the blog and not write anything.  Be persistent and dedicated to your work.  It is important to be passionate about your business because you may go months and months without seeing an effect.

Even this blog has taken me months to get a couple hundred organic hits on a daily basis.  You can advertise on sites but that would obviously cost money.  Most small businesses don’t have a lot of extra capital lying around to spend on advertising.  If you do, then you need to have a focused campaign on keywords that have low competition but high searches on a monthly basis.

Persistence Pays Off

Thanks to google the persistent will be the ones rewarded in the end.  Hackers and Black Hat people of the SEO world no longer have the advantage.  Hard workers are the ones getting rewarded by google these days.

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SEO the movie:

This movie is about the history of SEO, it is very interesting insight into the SEO world

SEO the Movie


Link Building

Link Building

Link building in an important way to build credibility for your website.  The number of sites that have a link back to yours is important for SEO purposes.  If a popular site like CNN links your site in one of its articles, this improves your SEO score.

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Search engines take account of how many links you have linked to you and the popularity of the sites that are linking back to you.  If you have a thousand links to your sites, but the sites that link to you are not very popular themselves, then the links won’t help your rating as much as one site like CNN linking to you.


Influencer Marketing


Influencers can be a good way to get your brand out there.  Search out individuals who are popular within your market space.  If you can get these influencers to mention your product or link back to your site, this will help your overall brand recognition.  Being mentioned in a video obviously won’t help your SEO rating, but it will help if you can get these influencers to link back to your site.

Influencers are people who already have a large following in an area you are trying to break in to.  Leverage their popularity to your advantage.  Normally influencers will want a benefit like a percentage of sales or something like that.


Establish partnerships with businesses that are currently popular in your industry.  If you are not in direct competition with their product, alot of companies will be up for  a partnership that will be mutually beneficial.  Seek out people who sell complimentary products to yours, then reach out the them to set up the partnership.

They can link to your site, and you can link to their site in order to gain more recognition for the both of you.  As long as your ratings on the internet are sound, most businesses won’t have a problem linking to you.

Check out forums out there for e-commerce store owners.  This is a good way to find partners.  Even if they are just starting out, it is great to get more links to your site.

IF you haven’t set up a site yet, check out Shopify!  You can have a store set up in under 30 minutes!

UPS branded label


Amazon, are they good or bad?

Amazon is everywhere

Amazon has grown in its 20 years of being a public company (obviously).  44% of people go here directly to search for a product.  In the past, Google was the primary source for searching for products.  Google is on its way to be a source of information only.

They have 100,000 sellers with $100,000 or more in annual sales.  We recommend that new businesses sell on Amazon.  If Amazon is your only source of sales, however then you are really limiting your self.  Where Amazon takes 15+% of your revenue.  There are other sites that take far less like:

Amazon sell online


Traffic and Revenue

Shopify takes 5% versus the 15% that they take.  The problem is that they also get you sales.  The revenue you generate on Amazon will be necessary for you to grow your own business.  While you are getting sales on Amazon, you need to be researching ways to move traffic to your own site.

Here are the Shipping fees you can expect if you go FBA:

Amazon Selling Fee







Here is a comparison of Fees:


Samsung Galaxy 8











Amazon is not great from a profitability standpoint.


Each sale on Amazon can turn into an opportunity to drive traffic to your website.  I have discussed this in other posts within the SEO category check this one:

Basically every time you get a sale from Amazon, tell that customer about your web site in some way.  Amazon doesn’t necessarily like this practice, but you should do what is best for you in the long run.

If all of your sales only come from one place then who is really running the business?  If they went away tomorrow, what would you do?  Of course, Amazon isn’t going anywhere any time soon, but this is how you should be thinking.

Check these out


Generating sales on your own website versus Amazon means you generate more profit for yourself.  If you sell $100,000 on Amazon annually, with the fees they charge you are paying Amazon $20,000 at least.  Could you do what they do for less than $20,000?

With Shopify you would be paying more like $5,000 to sell over $100,000 in product.

Starting out, you might not be thinking about this, but I encourage you to consider your future.  Make a goal for yourself of generating more sales on your independent website than you do on other sites.

Keep working, Keep selling, and you will win in the end!

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We are dedicated to helping you grow sales on your own website versus other market places.


Check your SEO

How can you check your SEO?

Most people starting a website have no clue about SEO.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  Google has developed an algorithm that looks for certain things in certain ways on websites.  The way your website is set up effects your SEO and thus how high you rank on google.  If you are like a majority of people out there then you don’t have spare time to learn about SEO, and if you did where would you begin? Check yours today!


target market

This website has a free SEO checker that provides an in depth analysis on your site:  SEO checker

My last article also provided details on some other free tools to help your business.

SEO tool

Here are some screen shots from the tool:

Free Seo checkerYou can use these scores to go through your website and fix what needs to be fixed.  The site does offer a free 15 day trial to help you fix your site’s SEO score.

There is another site that provides you a more in depth analysis that is harder to read, but it is free to use.  This website also tells you how to fix the problems with your site as well:

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Other helpful tools

This next tool is a weekly keyword tool from Net Elixir again.  This breaks keywords down by geographic area on a weekly basis.  Here is the link for the Keyword checking tool:  weekly keyword tool

weekly keyword rank

Use this to see what your competition is doing.  If a site is ranked higher than yours on a certain keyword, then you can use this to see what they are doing to rank higher.  Many times more established sites will rank better because they are more established and have more back links pointing toward their site.


Google looks for back links when it is doing it’s SEO crawl.  The more back links that are pointing to your site then the higher you will rank.  The sites rank that is linking to yours also matters.  If CNN is linking to your site then it will be better for your rank because CNN has a high rank itself as a well established site.  This is why it is good to guest blog for different sites.  Sometimes commenting on other articles and including your link will also add a back link.  This is also good to get additional views to your website that you may have not otherwise gotten.

SEO is tough

SEO is tough work.  There is a lot to learn about when building your site.  SEO is very important because it helps the visibility of your site.  If you are selling a product that is great, SEO will help make people aware of your great product.  If you click the SEO category section to the right, you will find other articles I have written on SEO with other helpful free tools out there.

Check These Out!

It is going to take some time to learn.  ” if it doesn’t cost you a dime it will probably cost you some time”  Keep working and keep selling!  Until next time, thanks for reading.

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More SEO tools

SEO tools

The site gives you free tools to help you build your website.  There are free tools on this site that can improve your search rating because if no one sees your site then how can you get any sales?  One of the free tools they provide is a speed page insights page. Here are some screen shots from Net Elixir’s site showing more details on the tool.

get more sales onlineget more sales onlineSpeed

The speed page insights shows you how to get your site loading faster.  Today’s buyers are not willing to wait more than 3 seconds for your site to load either on mobile or desktop.   Desktop and mobile load times are both important.  If your site isn’t mobile friendly then you are taking a penalty on your search ranking from Google.  visit to get this for free.

target market

Check this out too

Site map

One other thing that sites often miss when trying to optimize SEO are site maps.  It is important that you find a site map generator because google gives a search bonus to sites with a site map.  This link will take you directly to the site map tool:  Site Map Builder

The site maps can be downloaded in multiple formats.  This will help search engines crawl all the sites on your website.  You simply enter your website URL into the field much like the speed page insights.


This is a link to the Keyword checker:  keyword checker  this is a weekly checker tool that can show you the popularity of keywords.  This is important when you are trying to rank higher on google.  It is good to focus your content around keywords that have a low competition ranking but relatively high search values.

key word tool

Here you can enter keywords you want to check on, and the tool allows you to see how you stack up against your competition.  Check this on a weekly basis, so you are aware of trends.

Rewarding Work

rewarding your work is important, and it is important to work smart.  Keep working and learning.  The returns are out there for you, just focus on the right things.

Mother’s Day is coming

Mother’s Day and mothers day

Last time I introduced how to configure your website to capture traffic coming in searched for mothers day.  Another thing to think about is how the google search shows when Mother’s day is searched with an apostrophe.  These are two different searches with different volume.

mother's day gifts

The first one is how google shows up with an apostrophe added.

Here are some searches that are related to Mother’s day that can also be used.  you will notice they all have high volume with relatively low competition.  If you start focusing on these now, you may be able to capture more of these sales.

mothers day gifts 2017

You can see all of these have low competition.  If you use mother’s day 2017, the results will probably be better for you as well.  Incorporate these into the content of your site and this will lead to capturing more mother’s day sales.

Structure your content for this Holiday, and then keep this in mind for future holiday’s as well.

This is your chance

Capture as much volume as you can during this time.  With the sales that you get, you need to then give them a compelling reason to keep coming back to your store over and over again.

mothers day

Don’t let this volume come and go.  Also pay attention to the days, make sure you take that content down after Mother’s day has passed.  This is very important in the professional appearance of your site.  The site is your brand, and it will say a lot about your brand over the years.

Be sure to include a gift receipt with your Mother’s day orders, maybe even a special packaging configuration for those orders as well.

Keep it moving

There are many ways to drive traffic and sales to your site, and I hope to address issues that you deal with on a daily basis.  My aim is to make you successful.

IF you have any suggestions or ideas reach out to us here:  contact us

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