Follow up with customers

The sale isn’t over, Follow UP

Just because you shipped the item out and collected the money doesn’t mean the transaction is done.  Well, it shouldn’t be if you want to a repeat customer.  When you find the shipment has been delivered it is always great to check in with the customer.  Make sure it arrived, and it is working as expected.  Always good to follow up.

Do this when you get a sale of any of your market places.  With mothers day coming up you may have an influx of orders.  You don’t want a mothers day gift to arrive in shambles.  Make sure it is packaged right.  Then you need to follow up.

when everything is ok!

When you have a happy customer take the time to ask for a referral.  See if they can think of any other friends that may be interested in your product.  This request will get them to think of people they may be able to tell.  They will begin to feel a personal relationship with you.

Abandoned Carts!

One thing I like about Shopify:

mothers day

Is that they have an abandoned cart feature that tells you when people have left something in their carts without checking out.  This is your opportunity to find out why they did this.  Sometimes it is your shipping price.  It is good to advertise the shipping price somewhere especially if you have free or flat rate shipping.  This way customers know the price before the shock of the shipping price.


Buy these!

Meaningful follow up

Have a meaningful follow up plan.  Don’t just e-mail your customers coupon codes.  Provide something like a daily motivational quote.  A heart warming story.  Get personal with your customers.  Amazon has the ability to reach a million people.  You may not be able to do that, but you can get personal and know your customer.

We buy from people we like as I mentioned in this post:

The Liking principle

So the best way to get people to like you is to build a relationship.

Mothers day 2017

be positive and work hard!  Don’t forget Mothers day is coming up and it is a great way to increase sales with promoting items as mothers day gifts.

Have a great Friday and I will see you guys later!


You got your first sale

When you get your first sale

Buy these

A lot of people who turn their idea into a product over look a few things in their excitement to get started.  Once you have turned your idea into a tangible product by selling it online at:

mothers day

I got an Order

Shut up and take my money

you got an order, now what do you do?  How are you going to package your product?  How much did you charge for shipping?  If you are like most entrepreneurs you have a ready fire aim personality.  This will hurt you when you start to realize what shipping cost.  There is a disparity between what shipping actually costs versus what your customers think it will cost thanks to Amazon.



Ship It out!

When you go to ship your product, make sure your packaging is sound.  If you can stand up straight and drop your product at waist level without it breaking, then your packaging is sound.  Many of the hubs in America operated by UPS and Fed-ex are operated with conveyors for efficiency.  Keep this in mind when you are going to ship your product.

If you don’t have a UPS account I would recommend creating one ASAP.  You will also need to figure out how you are going to print your labels.  Do you have a label printer?  You can print regular labels on a desktop printer, but this will cost you more money in the long run.

Eliminate Manual entry

If you sell on Shopify, you do not have to transfer labels from Shopify to UPS manually.  There are many ways to get your label to print with your customer’s information automatically.  There is Ship Rush in the Shopify app store that is free up to 50 orders.

UPS also has Marketplace that is free to use and connects with Shopify.  The marketplace connects with Big Commerce, Ebay, etsy, Amazon and Shopify.  If you sell on any of these stores, you will be able to print your label out without manual entry.


Have you thought about Returns?  Who will pay the returns fee?  This report discusses the importance of Returns to consumers:

This is a good way to get a read on the consumers out there.  Returns are becoming more and more important.  If you are going to be a retailer you need to have a good returns policy in place, so the consumer will know what to expect if there is a problem.

We over look this because it is negative to think of returns, but there is a possibility that your product will not be received well by some customers.  we are all optimists at heart, but this will give you an advantage over your competitors.

Pick up or drop off?

Are you going to have your packages picked up?  do you know how much that costs?  Fedex and UPS both charge for pick ups.  USPS doesn’t charge but you need to schedule the pick up a day in advance.  I have not had great experience with the USPS personally, so I wouldn’t recommend using them.  Find your local UPS or Fed-Ex store.  You can print your own labels and drop packages off to save money.  As long as you have a UPS label the UPS store wont charge you to drop your packages off there.

Are you tracking?

Are you sending your customer the tracking number?  You need to if you are not so they can keep an eye on when their package will arrive.  This will also save you from answering e-mails related to the order.

Did you follow all of that?  this was a lot of information, so I will stop here.  contact us with any questions.  leave a comment let us know what you think!

drive traffic to your website


Before the Sale in the Sales Process

small business blog

Get your first sale

There are some things you should try to get your first sale once you have your website set up.  The sales process begins before the sale.

  1.  Find where your customers are

    Identify your target market and find out what forums or groups they are apart of online.  Let’s say you create groomsman gifts, then you want to find wedding websites that have sections for grooms.  You will want to post on these sites.  Create a signature with your website in the signature, so that people reading your post will see your website.  Hopefully you get  a few clicks a day by doing this.

  2. Send an e-mail to your pre-launch list

    Send out e-mails to people you have identified as potential customers, this could be family members or friends.  If you did a go fund me or something of that nature, then this will have generated potential customers as well.  Anyone you think might be interested in your product will be a good prospect for this e-mail list.

  3. Use Social media to run a contest

    Use your social media accounts to run free give aways for people.  This will get your product out there.  Try to give product away to people who  have large followings on social media with the hopes they will post your product and site to their friends.  This could generate sales and clicks that you may not have had access to.

  4. Sell on as many marketplaces as possible

    Sell your product on other sites besides your own website.  Amazon is a good place to start, but I will say do not get comfortable with the sales you will get on Amazon.  Amazon will get you a good amount of sales, but they will also charge you a lot to sell there.  Sites like Etsy or Ebay charge less than Amazon, but it is always better to get sales from your own site when possible.

  5. Set up a blog to talk about your industry

    Become a leader in your industry.  Research your industry and talk about things that will interest your customers.  Always include your link in your blog posts, so that your readers know that you also run a website.  Your loyal readers will buy from you.

  6. Set up a You tubE Channel

    Like point five I made, do the same with you tube.  This will get your name out there, and you will reach more potential buyers.  The more people you reach the better it is.  Don’t be scared to put yourself out there.  You won’t be great at making videos the first time you attempt it but over time you will get better.  Your followers will provide valuable feedback for you as well to help you along the way.  watch successful youtubers and see what they are doing to be great.  It takes time, but it doesn’t cost you a dime so……



Experiment with different methods, keep trying.  Don’t give up because your next sale could be around the corner.  You don’t want a lot of sales up front because it could cause you more problems than you know if your sales grow to a level you cannot fulfill.  If this happens your reputation will be shot.  Take it easy and grow within your means.  Patience is the key.

The Sales Process

The Sales process series

In this week’s series of posts I will discuss with you the sales process.  I will cover topics encompassing before the sale, after the sale and shipping.

On a side note, we also started a youtube channel where we will be posting one video a week.  Here is the link to our very first video:

Escape Amazon youtube channel

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Before the sale:

Shut Up and Take my money!

Hopefully you have created your own website by now, but if you haven’t we do recommend you use Shopify because it is simple to use.  Shopify is also easy to set up.  Get started here:

mothers day

Remember this:

“if it doesn’t cost you a dime, it will cost you some time:

If you set up a free website or use Shopify at  a low rate, getting started is going to take time.  Do not expect to have millions of dollars in sales over the first year even if your idea is great.  You may go a month without sales depending on how much time you put into your website each day.

Large companies have budgets for advertising online that can yield results.  Google ads and other companies like that will provide you publicity at a price.

Check your competition

When you get started check out your competitors site.  What do you like/dislike about your competitors site?  Don’t let the fact that they are your competitor bias your opinion of the site.  When you get started it is important to at least mirror aspects of sites that already sell online.  You don’t want your customer to be confused when they arrive at your site.

Look at this site, it is very simple.  It is also easy to navigate:

sell more online

This site also had a great pop up that showed when people made purchases from this site at the bottom left.

sell more onlineThe website is and the store is run on Yahoo stores.  I like the simplicity, and the box that shows people are buying from the store is great!  This speaks to the social nature of humans that says we don’t want to buy an unproven product.  When you see people purchasing in real time, this gives you a level of comfort when you go and buy something.

I will cover more about the before the sale process tomorrow.  There is a lot to cover.  The category for this series will be the sales process.