You got your first sale

When you get your first sale

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A lot of people who turn their idea into a product over look a few things in their excitement to get started.  Once you have turned your idea into a tangible product by selling it online at:

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I got an Order

Shut up and take my money

you got an order, now what do you do?  How are you going to package your product?  How much did you charge for shipping?  If you are like most entrepreneurs you have a ready fire aim personality.  This will hurt you when you start to realize what shipping cost.  There is a disparity between what shipping actually costs versus what your customers think it will cost thanks to Amazon.



Ship It out!

When you go to ship your product, make sure your packaging is sound.  If you can stand up straight and drop your product at waist level without it breaking, then your packaging is sound.  Many of the hubs in America operated by UPS and Fed-ex are operated with conveyors for efficiency.  Keep this in mind when you are going to ship your product.

If you don’t have a UPS account I would recommend creating one ASAP.  You will also need to figure out how you are going to print your labels.  Do you have a label printer?  You can print regular labels on a desktop printer, but this will cost you more money in the long run.

Eliminate Manual entry

If you sell on Shopify, you do not have to transfer labels from Shopify to UPS manually.  There are many ways to get your label to print with your customer’s information automatically.  There is Ship Rush in the Shopify app store that is free up to 50 orders.

UPS also has Marketplace that is free to use and connects with Shopify.  The marketplace connects with Big Commerce, Ebay, etsy, Amazon and Shopify.  If you sell on any of these stores, you will be able to print your label out without manual entry.


Have you thought about Returns?  Who will pay the returns fee?  This report discusses the importance of Returns to consumers:

This is a good way to get a read on the consumers out there.  Returns are becoming more and more important.  If you are going to be a retailer you need to have a good returns policy in place, so the consumer will know what to expect if there is a problem.

We over look this because it is negative to think of returns, but there is a possibility that your product will not be received well by some customers.  we are all optimists at heart, but this will give you an advantage over your competitors.

Pick up or drop off?

Are you going to have your packages picked up?  do you know how much that costs?  Fedex and UPS both charge for pick ups.  USPS doesn’t charge but you need to schedule the pick up a day in advance.  I have not had great experience with the USPS personally, so I wouldn’t recommend using them.  Find your local UPS or Fed-Ex store.  You can print your own labels and drop packages off to save money.  As long as you have a UPS label the UPS store wont charge you to drop your packages off there.

Are you tracking?

Are you sending your customer the tracking number?  You need to if you are not so they can keep an eye on when their package will arrive.  This will also save you from answering e-mails related to the order.

Did you follow all of that?  this was a lot of information, so I will stop here.  contact us with any questions.  leave a comment let us know what you think!

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