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Facebook Page Created

Facebook Page Created

we got our Facebook page for the www.escapeamazon.com blog up and running today.  It is very basic at the moment.  We will be looking at ways to improve the page as well as run advertisements on the page.  After we run a few ads on Facebook we can report what works.  The purpose of this will be to drive traffic to our blog.  Facebook does have a store option where you can sell products as well however.  Here is a screen shot of the page so far:

facebook page


Click the Picture to be taken directly to the page.  Give us some likes!

Advertising on Facebook

We weren’t able to set up our ads on Facebook.  Still waiting for support to clean up this issue.  Facebook has an audience builder for you to choose your target market:

Facebook ads


Here you can run ads on Instagram to target people as well as Facebook.  You can quickly choose your target market and let Facebook’s algorithm do the rest.

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Advertising on a Budget

If you have a limited budget with advertising funds, then you should write your ads to target people on the mobile phones.  Last year 54% of all Facebook users accessed the service only through their mobile phones.  You can bet that this year that number has risen.

Optimize your ads for the people who are going to be viewing it the most, and in this case the mobile users will be viewing it the most.

Influence on Instagram

There is a lot of talk about influence marketing lately.  People with large instagram followings are selling their influence clout to sell products.  If you look into this, make sure the person you want promoting your product is aligned with your brand message.  Also, make sure the person has followers that are engaged with them.  You want someone who’s followers are going to buy the products they are selling.

If a person just does crazy things in You Tube videos that people like to watch, then this person might have a lot of followers but not necessarily followers that will buy the products they are suggesting.  Check the comment sections in their pictures and videos to see what their opinion of the person is.  Also consider the age of the followers they have as well.  A person can buy followers on Facebook and Instagram.  People on these services with high followers but low engagement may have purchased their followers to look like they have more influence than they do.

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Thanks for Reading!

Thank you for reading.  Be sure to like our facebook page, here is a direct link:

Escape Amazon Facebook Page

As always the purpose of this small business blog is to help grow your business.  We will be experimenting ads with our Facebook page.  Hopefully, this will save you from making mistakes and wasting money.  Go and like our page to stay engaged with what we are doing.  Share our page with your social networks so we can help others out as well!


Thanks for everything!

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