Always Be Testing

Always be Testing

When it comes to marketing there is the old phrase that relates to everything “always be testing.”  You need to test what you are doing to increase visibility.  If your goal is to get more orders, then what are you trying to get more orders?

Once you establish a strategy, you need to test out the strategy to see if it is working.  If you are using certain keywords to gain a better google rank, then you can easily test this using various SEO tools.  Many of the SEO tools are free with a premium option available.

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Google allows you to test your strategy out for free as well by simply checking each week.  You can check the keywords you have chosen using the Google webmaster tools.  In the end continuous testing is important to succeed

Try Different Things

You need to come up with several different strategies and test them out.  This is important especially with the Holiday season coming up.  This winter people will be looking to spend Billions of dollars online.  Test your strategies now to find out what works.

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Your product pages, description and overall content need to match your strategy.  What are you trying to sell?  If you can imagine a perfect customer what would that look like?  How can you write content tailored for that person?

Questions like these are good starting points to help develop a strategy.  Once you have a customer engaged you should be getting information from them through follow up.  Amazon does this a lot now where the store owners will follow up with you to find out how you liked their product.

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This is great because if you get a response, then you have a customer engaged.  Once they are engaged with you it is important to extract as much information as possible.

What to ask your customer?

The information you extract from existing customers can be very important.  Ask them why they bought your product.  What did they like about your product?  Why did they choose your product?  Is there anything that they like to buy with your product? 

If they found you on a site like Amazon, then you should let them know about your web store you have available.  Customers feel a part of a business that operates like this.  If you can do this effectively you will create multiple advocates for your company.  Offer them incentives for giving you information and referrals.

Deals on EBAY!

You can create a referral site for people to send their friends with special referral pricing.  This helps increase engagement as well.

Short and Sweet

This was a short post in today’s Small Business Blog.  This week I will have more time to go in depth on the Facebook ad strategy that can compliment this post.  As a business blog we sometimes struggle with content.  If there is anything you want to know about in particular let us know.

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