How To increase Sales

How to increase sales

Are you selling internationally?  If you want to increase sales you should be thinking about selling to other countries.  Canadians are buying online from America at a rate of 67%.  Over 20,000,000 people in Canada have bought at least one item online from America.  What does your website say about shipping International?  If you are turning away international customers you may be costing yourself money for no reason.

how to get more sales onlineWhat do these two tell you?

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If you were or are a Canadian buyer, do you think these two statements are welcoming for international buyers.  The first one outright refuses international orders.  The second one shows that international is possible, but it requires the buyers to do work.  With UPS the broker is UPS, so the customer does not need to choose one.  There is a new service UPS has known as ICOD that allows buyers to pay online before the package arrives.

This capture from  shows if you have international customers:

online salesmothers day

What does your site say?

What do the stats say for your site?  Check them out on similar web so you can see.  If you are getting hits from other countries, then you are turning people away from your store.  These customers are basically showing up to your store and its closed.


UPS has a service called I-Global that you can add on to your website which tells customers the duties and taxes before the order it sent.  You will need to contact UPS to see who your local representative is to find out more about this service.

Since over half of the population of Canada for example has ordered internationally, then they are aware of the existence of duties and taxes.  Hopefully, these customers especially would not be shocked if they need to pay taxes.  I-Global also has fraud protection.

Get more sales online!

Use this information to get more sales online.  As Amazon grows bigger, they will make things harder on you.  Keep working hard and you will succeed.  Remember “if it doesn’t cost you a dime then it will probably cost you some time.”  Have a great easter weekend!  Good luck next week.



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