What do you do with Drive?

What is the drive inside?

All humans are motivated by something. We all have a certain drive inside.  Everything you do is motivated by an underlying need that is often masked my a want.  You may want a Mercedes Benz, but the underlying need that fulfills may be acceptance.  In buying a luxury good you over pay for something because it will bring you an amount of envy from another person, you may fit in with a group that you seek to please, or you feel better physically with the product.

How does it work?

Through marketing tactics companies illicit certain chemicals to be generated in the brain like oxytocin or dopamine.  Marketers how certain things will tug at your subconscious to get you to buy their products.  In most cases the consumer doesn’t know what is happening.

What is Motivating you?

what is motivating you to get up and go to work every day?  Is it to make money to purchase these products?  When you started your business or idea there was an underlying drive to that decision.  In most cases the people who have good ideas do not create a business out of these ideas.  The negativity begins to attack the idea before it has even fully formed in your head.  You begin to doubt your idea, think it costs too much to start your idea.

Friends become chains

You will soon find that your friends have been a negative influence on you.  When you introduce an idea to friends who are not motivated to succeed in life, they will kill your idea in front of you.  Some may say it is a good idea.  Take note of these people because you want to keep them around.  The ones who kill your idea with negativity without giving it a second thought are the ones you should spend less time with.

There are enough forces working against you when you create a business, you cannot have friends also cutting you down.

mothers day

Find groups that will give you support like your family.  It is also important however to seek out those who will give you an honest opinion as well in a constructive way.  Seek out people who have also started a business at some point in their life.  Remember that the e-commerce world is different from the one they came up in if they are older than you by a few decades.

This week

This week will be more about motivation and getting your mind ready to fight for what you want. DId  you all had a great Easter Weekend?  I thank you for reading this.  I hope my work helps you succeed in everything you do.

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