Follow up with customers

The sale isn’t over, Follow UP

Just because you shipped the item out and collected the money doesn’t mean the transaction is done.  Well, it shouldn’t be if you want to a repeat customer.  When you find the shipment has been delivered it is always great to check in with the customer.  Make sure it arrived, and it is working as expected.  Always good to follow up.

Do this when you get a sale of any of your market places.  With mothers day coming up you may have an influx of orders.  You don’t want a mothers day gift to arrive in shambles.  Make sure it is packaged right.  Then you need to follow up.

when everything is ok!

When you have a happy customer take the time to ask for a referral.  See if they can think of any other friends that may be interested in your product.  This request will get them to think of people they may be able to tell.  They will begin to feel a personal relationship with you.

Abandoned Carts!

One thing I like about Shopify:

mothers day

Is that they have an abandoned cart feature that tells you when people have left something in their carts without checking out.  This is your opportunity to find out why they did this.  Sometimes it is your shipping price.  It is good to advertise the shipping price somewhere especially if you have free or flat rate shipping.  This way customers know the price before the shock of the shipping price.


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Meaningful follow up

Have a meaningful follow up plan.  Don’t just e-mail your customers coupon codes.  Provide something like a daily motivational quote.  A heart warming story.  Get personal with your customers.  Amazon has the ability to reach a million people.  You may not be able to do that, but you can get personal and know your customer.

We buy from people we like as I mentioned in this post:

The Liking principle

So the best way to get people to like you is to build a relationship.

Mothers day 2017

be positive and work hard!  Don’t forget Mothers day is coming up and it is a great way to increase sales with promoting items as mothers day gifts.

Have a great Friday and I will see you guys later!


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